Friday, February 6, 2009

Mykonos Restaurant, Reston

Lunch today was from Mykonos Restaurant.

I ordered the Spanikorizo -- Spinach, Rice &
Scallions. (I asked them to leave out the Feta
which they did).

Unfortunately, the dish must've contained
about a cup of olive oil. I dont know if that was
a mistake or how it's normally made.
Since I'd never been here before I got a side salad off
the salad bar in case the Spanikorizo wasn't enough
-- God forbid I not stuff myself. However, the
Spanikorizo was way too much and the salad, while
beautiful, was not very good either. Oh well. Maybe
it was an off day.

1 comment:

Bianca said...

That does look amazingly oily. Ick! I'm all about olive oil, but I don't want my food floating in it.