Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day

Today we had lunch at Vintage 50. I couldn't wait
to go back after our great meal last week.

Mr. SV ordered the Panini that I had last week,
and started with the Soup of the Day, Roasted
Vegetable. They said it was vegetarian, but I
am thinking they probably put cream in it because
it was exceptionally tasty.
I had the Vegetable Burger (which the waiter
said was vegan). It's made of roasted vegetables
and I did see a few small mushrooms in it as well.
It was so light and airy, yet very large and substantial.
The chef here is so talented, he used to work at
the now defunct restaurant 'Aster' in Middleburg.
I ate the sandwich open-faced since there was
Cole Slaw on the other half of my bun, but I was
stuffed. Wonder if we'll go back tomorrow?!
So stuffed from lunch, that dinner will probably
just be the Prosecco I bought at Trader Joe's.

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