Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dish, Charles Town, West Virginia

Lunch today was at Dish, a lovely restaurant
in Old Towne.
The interior is funky and spare...
with hardwood floors and low lighting. My favorite.
The menu is small and unfortunately, the
Veggie Burger isn't available on Sundays.
The only vegan option was the Mediterranean
Salad (without the Feta).
The salad was fresh and delicious. Kalamata
Olives, Artichokes and Red Onions tossed in an
Herbal Vinaigrette.
* * * * * * * * * * *
While the salad would be a more than sufficient
lunch for most people, I had to get something
else, and the sidewalks of Charles Town roll up
on Sunday afternoons...
So I stopped at Knossos in Berryville to see if
I could get a little something something to
stuff myself.
I ordered the Falafel Sandwich without Tzatziki
Sauce. Alas, I didn't know they put Feta on their
sandwiches, but I was able to pick most of it off,
and it was one of the best Falafel Sandwiches I've
had. Now I see why this place is so popular.

They also sold something I've never seen before:
Toffuti Ipsy-Pipsy bars. "Crispy Wafers and
Hazelnut Creme In Better Than Milk Chocolate".
These are vegan candy bars made in Israel and
I'm so glad I stopped at Knossos again, or I
never would've found them.

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Bianca said...

Cool Tofutti bar! I wish I could find those around here. And you can't go wrong with a falafel wrap. There's a place in Memphis called Pita Wraps and we go there all the time because the falafel wraps are best!