Friday, February 27, 2009

Mike's Deli at the Lazy Sundae, Falls Church

I read about this place on VegDC and decided
to try it today.

It's located adjacent to a 7-11 and from the outside
does not look like the type of place that would
offer anything vegan.

Inside it is more like an ice cream parlor, but
they do indeed make sandwiches. Plus, there
were homemade vegan molasses cookies for
sale at the front register.

This is my vegan turkey and cheese sub with
lettuce, tomato and avocado. For $7, it comes
with a side of Ruffles and a pickle. The roll
tasted as if actually from a local bakery and was not
too crusty or too much bread. The tomatoes,
lettuce and avocado were in top shape. A really
well made, satisfying delicious sandwich.

For dessert, I went down the road to Natalia's
Elegant Creations
. There were two vegan
items today:

Oatmeal Raspberry Bars

and Coconut Cupcakes. I bought two of each.
Holy Mofo! I dont want to get all freaky but
these were fantastic! I want to have a wedding
just to have a wedding cake made of these coconut
cupcakes. GOD BLESS NATALIA and her elegant
creations. The coconut cupcake was literally
heaven on earth!

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