Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stir Fry on Soba

The remainder of my head of Napa Cabbage is
still very fresh after more than two weeks.

I've been trying to perfect a stir fry dish to
mimic Lotus Vegetarian's Sauteed Noodles.

Last night I sauteed about eight chopped Napa
leaves, Mushrooms and Scallions in some Sesame Oil...

Then I tossed in some Water Chestnuts and
diced Mori-Nu tofu that had I marinated in Soy
Sauce. The whole mess is dumped on Soba
Noodles. It's really tasty stuff. Not as good
as Lotus but still good.

1 comment:

Bianca said...

That looks great right now. I need to make another stir-fry soon.