Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday, May 3rd

Leftover Omelette on WF's Russian Black Bread for breakfast.
Spicy Garlic Tofu and a Spring Roll from Kobe Grill for lunch. (Photo taken with my cell phone since my camera battery died after breakfast. So as you can see, things could definitely be worse around here).
Carryout from  Angeethi for dinner. Aloo Gobi and half a Samosa.
Peanut Chews for dessert. Processed with Alkali and Glycerine.
Coming up tomorrow: PB & Banana for breakfast. Lunch probably from CPK.


Rose said...

You're going to town with those omelettes!

Dinner looks so good too; can't beat a good curry!

Miss Rachel said...

That black Russian bread looks so good. I've had black Russian bagels from the Whole Foods here before & I enjoyed them with just vegan butter. They're that good. Haven't seen them lately though. I hate when they discontinue things that I like.

xvavaveganx said...

That breakfast looks like perfection. The bread looks great, I love dark breads. Lunch looks yummy too. Rockin it old school with the peanut chews! Nice :)

I'm have few dislikes and olives and bell peppers just happen to be two of them :) Gluten is a very unfortunate omission in my diet, totally not by choice!

Ingrid said...

Omelette toast sounds fantastic! After hundreds of smoothies, I'm almost sick of them. Savory breakfasts are on the horizon. . .

I've only been to one Indian restaurant, and wasn't impressed, but your meal looks pretty tasty.

CPK - will you deviate from the salad?

Molly said...

Maybe I missed it, but is Black Russian bread a type of rye? I've never seen it before....

Great food, as always!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!!

Rose, I had to use up a whole package of Tofu, hence the proliferation of Omelettes this week. Zoa's Chickpea Crepes are next on the agenda.

Miss Rachel, you and those buttered Bagels. Can't imagine even eating buttered toast.

VaVa, okay, just bustin' your chops. I know you're low maintenance. Your blog says so.

Ingrid, I never thought of an Omelette as a savory breakfast, just a protein. But you're right. Additionally, Indian food can be heavy in oil, gotta be picky where you get it from. CPK - Far be it from me to be a deviant.

Molly, Black Russian Bread is like Pumpernickle Bread but with a high falutin name.