Thursday, May 10, 2012

WTF Thursday

This is a brief lame post. A Field Roast Frankfurter and TJ's Tots for lunch.
Candle Cafe Ravioli entree for dinner
Followed by some old Hard Pretzels I found laying around.
So it was one of those dull but delicious days.


Molly said...

Tots and ravioli? Definitely delicious and definitely NOT dull!

xvavaveganx said...

I agree with Molly, nothing dull about tots and ravioli! The broccoli really brightens up dinner too. I LOVE hard pretzels. I think pretzels (hard or soft varieties) are quickly gaining on bread for the most missed gluteny food :)

Rose said...

Old hard pretzels...nice! I agree with the delicious-ness factor in the other two meal selections.

Miss Rachel said...

Doesn't look like a bad day to me, but your expression "old Hard Pretzels I found laying around" makes it sound like they were on the floor covered in dust bunnies or something. I had a Field Roast frank for dinner last night.

Ingrid said...

Franks make me think about summer. 10 more work days. . . I will celebrate with vodka lemonade (the homemade kind of lemonade, not the packaged crap)and franks.

Thanks a lot! Denver has no Eggless Salad, and no Candle Cafe Ravioli. Just keep on flaunting your bounty. ;)

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Molly, just nothing new to see around here. I need to find some ice sculptures or ladybug buildings.

VaVa, pretzels are hard to surpass in terms of crunchy food.

Rose, well, I try to keep it real here.Even if it's old Pretzels.

Miss Rachel, it wasn't that bad, the Pretzels were still in the bag.

Ingrid, TEN DAYS! Sounds like a great celebration in the offing. Here is some Eggless Egg Salad:
and the Candle Cafe Ravioli came from the frozen section at Whole Foods, so do double check there.