Tuesday, May 22, 2012

WTF Tuesday

A delicious breakfast of Kashi Cinnamon Harvest Cereal with  Almond Milk.

A steamed Artichoke for lunch (TJ's is still carrying them for $1.29 each). Since it was such a small Artichoke, I had some WF's Red Pepper Hummus with Pizzettina Crackers for an afternoon snack.

Tofu with Teriyaki Sauce and Bok Choy for dinner. This was my first time pre-freezing Tofu and it did have a better texture.
'Dessert' involved this stuff...
It was spread on more leftover Naan with Olives.
None of my pics of Chicky this afternoon came out. During the photography session, Chicky's siblings attempted to make a break for it out the side of their temporary abode.
These chicks are extremely advanced for their age. All ready to go off and see the world.
Coming up tomorrow: More processed foods.


foodfeud said...

What do you think of the TJ cream cheese?
Small artichoke or not, I'd never consider one a lunch. Definitely would have enjoyed some hummus and crackers as well.
I always mean to pre-freeze tofu as it really does help firm it up, but I usually forget or just eat it first. I don't have time to defrost things!

Ingrid said...

Runaway chicks! I bet their little chirps / squeaks are adorable. What do your indoor animals think about the new family members?

Great looking greens today! I've tried really hard to like bok choy, and can't seem to.

Anonymous said...

what an adorable little chick!! and i'll have to try pre-freezing tofu soon -- ive heard great things! thanks for sharing!

xvavaveganx said...

can't deal with the cuteness of the little chicks! These pics definitely made my day! :) Thanks for posting them!

Your meals look great as usual! You know I love cinnamon kashi and I agree with FF, hummus and crackers are a good way to bulk up the artichoke for lunch.

I looooooove bok choy, thanks for reminding me about it! I should pick some up! I've heard of freezing tofu but I've never done it. Do you press it first?

Rose said...

Escape artist! Oh my, your precocious chickies are so friggin' cute!

Interesting artichoke pic!

Jenny said...

I love that you got chicks. And that you took the hurt one. I've almost brought home chicks at different points. Part of my problem with not wanting more animals is that I have too hard of a time when something happens to one. I know it's better to give them what I can & make their lives as full as possible - but do you have a hard time with that?

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!!

FF, thanks for the rec on the Cream Cheese. I never would've known to look for vegan Cream Cheese in the actual dairy section. It was just as good as Tofutti & Galaxy.

Ingrid, everyone is intrigued by the loud chirping coming from the guest bedroom. Hard to believe you don't like Bok Choy. It's so mild, like Celery or Iceberg Lettuce.

GFHTummy, thank you! Keep that tummy gluten free!

VaVa, I pressed the Tofu a little bit before slicing it up and freezing for a couple hours. I does make it more 'toothsome'.

Rose, precocious is right. Part of me wants to let the chicks run free just to see what they do, but I can't risk them getting into spots where I can't retrieve them.

Jenny, there is a lot of heartbreak involved in having so many critters. Every day I wish I didn't care about animals and only cared about myself and career.