Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday, May 31st

The last half of another Sticky Fingers Blueberry Muffin for breakfast. Impressive crumb for such a stale muffin.
If I went into detail about the things I like that go away once I start liking them, I would be deemed paranoid. Plus, typing it all up isn't worth the effort. Admittedly, I had more than enough opportunity to eat at Kobe Grill during the many years they were in business. I squandered that opportunity. 'New management' has taken over Kobe Grill (soon to be renamed 'Asian Fusion'). I discovered this today after calling in my lunch order. What I expected to be Garlic Spicy Tofu was now Spicy Garlic Tofu. The Brown Rice had become Fried Rice(with egg) and the Spring Roll was wound so tightly there was no spring whatsoever. 'Good luck' to the folks at Asian Fusion. 'Goodnight sweet friend' to Kobe Grill.
TJ's Cream Cheese and Olives on a slice of WF's Pumpernickle for dinner. Life goes on.
Coming up tomorrow: Another third of a new giant danish from Vegan Treats. The Roasted Vegetable Salad from CPK.


xvavaveganx said...

Oh no!! That sucks that they are under new management! Both of the vegan restaurants I would go to here on Long Island closed so I know the major feeling of disappointment you are going through. Such a bummer! And how do they not have plain brown rice? That's not normal? Or is it just not the automatic side now? That's silly in any case.

Dinner looks yummy even though it's olives ;) The muffin definitely looks like it held up!

And for the record, Cherry preserves are DEFINITELY interesting enough to write about (re: your last post!).

Molly said...

That really stinks that the new management changed the food for the worse. We've had many disappointments like that around here. Very frustrating!

Rose said...

You'll just have to whip that new management into shape! The tofu looks good...but badly done spring rolls are truly unforgiveable.

I love your dinner!!

Anonymous said...

aww, its always a bummer when a staple restaurant changes hands or menus. That happened to me with this chopped salad place in NYC...*sigh. Hopefully you'l find an even more stellar replacement!

Ingrid said...

Asian fusion concepts have been popping up all over the place, I wonder why it's such a trend? Farewell, Kobe Grill, you will be missed!

I know associate all things olive with you.

blessedmama said...

Oh, I hate it when that happens. Since you love Kobe Grill's food so much, have you thought about asking why the new management is changing recipes? If they know they'll be losing customers, they may think twice.

Miss Rachel said...

I know what you mean about things you like being discontinued. It happened to me with some items at Whole Foods in the past year. Too bad Asian Fusion couldn't have taken some tips from Kobe Grill. Bummer.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

VaVa, Brown Rice is still considered very unusual in these parts. There's usually at least an extra $1 charge for it. Agreed on the Cherry Preserves. I need to highlight their greatness in a future post.

Molly, it is an unusually frustrating situation for me since I'd only recently come to truly appreciate Kobe Grill. It's like they were punishing me for not patronizing them when I had the chance.

Rose, I will never forgive Asian Fusion for making this badly done Spring Roll.

GFHTummy, thanks for looking!

Ingrid, yep, so many restaurants are melding Chinese/Thai/Indian all together. So far I haven't found it to be a good thing.

Blessed Mama, you're so cute. I'm pretty sure the old management took their recipes with them when they left.

Miss Rachel, that's true, Whole Foods loves to create one-time-only vegan items in the prepared foods section. Never to be seen again.