Tuesday, February 23, 2010

On Fiyah

Lunch was from Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant. I got the "Lotus Spicy" Lunch Special -- Diced Soy Protein sautéed with Dried Tofu, Celery, Organic Carrots, Green and Red Bell Peppers and sprinkled with Peanuts in spicy Kung Pao Sauce. $7.95 including Brown Rice and Spring Roll.
This was so spicy, my mouth and belly were burning for many hours afterwards. What I really wanted for dinner was a Bagel w/Tofutti Creme Cheese to cool things off, but I didn't have an Bagels, so I just had some TJ's Multi-Grain Toast w/Tofutti.
750 MLs of Black Swan Shiraz Merlot too. Thanks to everyone for leaving a comment yesterday. I feel better now. See you tomorrow!


blessedmama said...

Hi, S.V., Just dropping you a note to let you know I'm out here supporting your blogging. I eat vicariously out to lunch every day with you, but mostly leftovers here at home with my kiddies. Anyhow, I haven't posted in a while - I'm feeling blue, boo hoo. Maybe later this week I can shake it off and post something yummy. Then you can drop your opinion off for me! Talk to you later. :)

M said...

Toffuti rocks my world!

kimberly said...

why is asian food so delicious?! i would love to get my hands on that spring roll.

Rose said...

The Lotus special does look tasty!

dirtyduck said...

i want a look-see inside of that roll!! you'll have to go back:) hey arent those soapnut things crazy?? i looked up laundry tree and they have a pretty nice website. i did not buy them from here but i might next time.i saw that you could order a trial size bag of them for a 1.99.ill try out what i have and def let you know.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Blessed Mama, sorry to hear you're blue. I hope it passes.

M, Toffuti rules!

Kimberly & Rose, thanks!

Michelle, the Soap Nuts are a real find. I want to get away from detergents.