Friday, November 27, 2009

Curing Heartburn = Eat More

Yesterday I ate a bunch of foods I don't normally consume. All were vegan, so I'm not sure what caused my heartburn. I am pointing the finger at the Carr's Water Crackers. After much deliberation today, I decided a simple Yves Baloney Sandwich w/Veganaisse and Yellow Mustard would settle my stomach.It didn't, so a few hours later I had some leftover Stuffed Gardein Cutlet with Mashed Potatoes and WF's Wild Mushroom Gravy. That sort of made me feel better.
So I had some more Mashed Potatoes and Wild Mushroom Gravy, this time with Celebration Field Roast.
Then I had a slice of Wholly Wholesome vegan Pumpkin Pie.How much am I going to need to eat today to recover from yesterday?

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Vegan Epicurean said...

I am going to guess the potatoes were what made you feel better. But that is completely a guess.

The Yves Baloney looks so much like the real thing. German baloney with yellow mustard was my favorite sandwich as a child. I may need to try to make vegan german baloney now that you have blogged about this twice. Suddenly I am having a craving.

hope you feel more like yourself soon,