Thursday, October 17, 2013

WTF Thursday

TJ's Pumpkin Bagel with TJ's Cream Cheese for breakfast...
'Tofu With Cashew Nuts' $9 from Faang for lunch...
A 'Muffaletta Sandwich ' $7 from The Randy Radish for dinner.  New Orleans style sandwich piled high (hell yeah!) with house-made organic Olive Salad, Field Roast Wild Mushroom Slices and Smoked Tomato Cold Cuts on a Fresh-Baked Whole Wheat Boule. Alexia Multi Grain Onion Rings with a mix of Vegenaise & Ketchup on the side.
More Whole Foods Spice Drops for dessert...
Stuck my camera in the faces of some warm soft babies snoozing on the bed this afternoon...they're like, 'Okay, Mom, you can leave us to go to the office tomorrow. We'll be okay."
Fruits and Vegetables on my plate tomorrow.


Hannah said...

Hello colourful dinner!

Unknown said...

Nice bagelwich! I tried those bagels- I am spoiled rotten. Good enough toasted well with a slather of earth balance.
That sandwich is rediculous in the best way possible-wow! And those onion rings sound really good, esp with your fancy drizzle :)
Love the pup pics- they are all so sweet and gentle looking.

Sarah said...

OMG the babies!!! Some of the best pictures of them yet! Such sweet faces, they seem so relaxed and happy to be lounging with their mom working from home!

I got some of those pumpkin bagels last weekend! I haven't tried one yet though, they have been sitting in my freezer for almost a week. I need to remedy that, especially with the inspiration of your yummy pic. Lunch looks amazing, definitely a great choice!

THe sandwich looks ridiculously good. Piled high with all the good stuff (and olives) and I can definitely see how it would be bliss! So many amazing meals!

Are you making it a fully WFH week? So jealous.

luminousvegans said...

Those onion rings look really delicious! Well, actually everything looks good. Your fur babies are ridiculously cute. Those faces! I'm always sticking the camera in our dog's faces. They sometimes get annoyed and turn their heads :-)

Anonymous said...

What irresistible cuteness on the bed! I would have been sticking my camera in their faces, too. So adorable.

Quite the fantastic sandwich. I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes ketchup & Vegenaise mixed together. Such a great dipping combo.

Jenny said...

You don't hold back on your cream cheese. That is admirable. That sandwich is inspiring. And you and my 6 year old daughter would have chosen the same dessert here apparently. Have a good weekend!

blessedmama said...

Hey, JK and G make a sauce just like the one you put on your rings - vegannaise with Rooster sauce; they call it Creamy JG. When I have tofutti cream cheese, JK will use that instead of the vegannaise. Great minds.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!

Hannah, you mean 'colorful'. No need for that medieval times spelling here

Unknown, we're in agreement on the TJ's Bagels. They're along the lines of Lender's, i.e., not really Bagels, but good for whatever they are.

Sarah, no no, I had to get up at 5:25am to shower and head into the office today. No need to be jealous. About time for you to blog though so we know about what other strange things are in your freezer.

Luminous Vegans, I knew the Pups would bring out a new commenter. Yes, it is wrong to exploit them for that purpose, but I don't do it too often. I tell myself they would do it to me if the roles were reversed.

RVs, my mother used to mix mayo and ketchup to make 'Russian Dressing' for our Iceberg Lettuce when I was little. The simple things endure.

Jenny, anything I would have in common w/your 6-year-old daughter would be good on me.

Blessed Mama, 'Creamy JG' sounds like a money-maker to me.