Monday, October 7, 2013

WTF Monday

Bob's Red Mill Steel Cut Oats with TJ's Dried Cranberries for breakfast..
Gardein Riblets and a Baked Sweet Potato for dinner...
Seasonal Gum Drops from Whole Foods for dessert...
More working from home grub tomorrow.


Sarah said...

Oooh so festive!! I need to make oats soon but it keeps getting all warm and humid. Very strange weather we've been having. Baked sweet potato sounds so good too. Do you put anything on it or eat it straight up? Love the fun and festive pumpkins!

Hannah said...

I'd take that dinner for sure.

Sorry about deleting part of your comment on my blog. Your interpretation of the A Chorus Line t-shirt wasn't the right one, and while I know he wouldn't care (he's kinda used to that misjudgment), I don't want him to feel weird about being on my blog. I'm sure you understand!

Unknown said...

I keep delaying the oatmeal for breakfast as long as i can... Its like admitting the weather is getting colder. But that looks so comforting! The olives side with lunch are critical to the meal. Nice sweet potato there- i made a sweet potato black bean stew not long ago. Good stuff. Those gummies are fun! Were the black ones licorish flavor?

Ingrid said...

Ooh, gum drops. I couldn't tell you when I last had one. Time to remedy that!

I really wish sweet potatoes and I got along, but unfortunately, we do not. I like all other potatoes, however.

Re: parents. I'm sure they'll be sleeping at the B&Bs, they did a 6 mile hike today and drenched in a downpour. And they're in their 60s, so no hanky-panky, Shen! ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm still eating oatmeal most mornings and really have to try some cranberries in it.

We've been eating lots of stuff with sweet potatoes in it, as well. Great food for this time of year!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!

Sarah, just S&P, no Ketchup on the Sweet Potatoes. Still don't know how you do that.

Hannah, I was concerned about my t-shirt comment disappearing. Glad I didn't offend you and wouldn't want to offend him.

Unknown, I once (several years ago) made a Sweet Potato Black Bean Soup that was awesome. But I don't know what recipe I used. Do you have one to recommend? Yep, the Black Gum Drops were Licorice. The Orange were, I guess, Orange. Just meh. Won't buy again.

Ingrid, these WF's Gum Drops were a little too fresh and soft for my tastes. Love the comment about your parents;-) Thanks for the first smile I've had today.

RVs, show us the Oatmeal and Sweet Potatoes!

Hannah said...

Not offended at all. I thought it too the first time I met him ;) And hey, I deleted another person's comment completely, so you're doing quite well.

(I sound like a tyrannical despot... but it's more that I'm self-conscious about how to respond to such comments when I know the people it's about will read!)