Tuesday, November 22, 2011

WTF Tuesday

Made a big breakfast this morning: Tofu Scramble with Hash Brown and Yves Breakfast Patties.
Mr. SV brought in late lunch/early dinner from Loving Hut. This is the first half of my Club Sandwich $9.50:
Sjaak's PB Cups for dessert.
My Life-Affirming Thanksgiving Plans Revealed: Vegetarian Buffet!


xvavaveganx said...

I am so jealous of that breakfast! I used to love vegan sausage... and potatoes and tofu scramble are always amazing. Your Loving Hut eats always look yummy and that cup sounds good :) I am so jealous of your buffet! It looks like it'll be a great experience as well as a great meal. You made an excellent choice!

foodfeud said...

That's a great breakfast! Staying home is so great for that. Do you still get up at the crack of dawn on WTF days?

foodfeud said...

Oh AND, the buffet sounds great! Have an awesome time. It just you and Mr SV? You abandoned your parents??

Rose said...

Ooo, that looks like a killer scramble! Yum. The sandwich looks awesome too!

V. cool about the Vegetarian Buffet; I like Dr Tuttle and artichoke hummus and the wild mushroom ravioli...much deliciousness. Except......no booze??

Stacy said...

Wow, great food day, and I envy you your buffet option. Except nowadays the word "vegetarian" makes me nervous because I assume that means "not vegan" even though it looks like the spread is vegan. Why not just go all out?!?

Ingrid Improves said...

Hash browns + tofu scramble = yes, please. I'm really excited for you to attend the Life-Affirming Thanksgiving! The menu looks amazing, and you'll be surrounded by like-minded folks.

Oops! Hope I didn't mislead you - I've been to Watercourse, I just don't go more than twice a year. Will have a full report later today!

Michelle said...

Awesome looking breakfast!
I'm jealous of your eats that you are going to have on Thanksgiving day.
Maybe my shepards pie will turn out good, so I won't starve...ha
Have a great Thanksgiving!

Isobelle said...

You made a breakfast! I haven't had a hash brown since I was a kid. I'd just stick them in the toaster and then get them all stuck in there.

I agree with Maud, the buffet sounds pretty cool. Have a good thanksgiving!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

VaVa, Vegan Sausage isn't gluten free either?! That is tough.T'giving should be interesting. This is J=just something I have to do once in my life.

FF, well, now that the crack of dawn is 7am, then essentially I am getting up then on WTF days;-) But it's over two hours more sleep than non-WTF days. Our respective Mothers abandoned us this year. Mine is cruising around S. America and Mr. SV's is carousing with others.

Rose, it was a killer Scramble. Caramelized Onions really took it to a whole new level. Never heard of Dr. Tuttle before this buffet reservation. I do hope Tuttle doesn't prattle on too long. Also hoping there's a bar somewhere near the buffet. Maybe I'll bring my own alcohol and spike the soft drinks.

Stacy, we are of one mind. I am so hoping I don't have to ask if the Ravioli or Pumpkin Rolls are vegan. I'm sure they will have some signs indicating it if they do it right.

Ingrid, so glad to hear that you've done Watercourse before. Can't wait for the report so I can live vicariously.

Michelle2, you are being so bold bringing your own entree! Good for you! Think how much better you'll feel after dinner while everyone else feels like sh*t.

Isotope, cool idea toasting the Hash Brown, except we don't have a Toaster. There's one at my work, I'll have to ponder bringing in a Hash Brown and toasting it there. Enjoy your T'giving as well!