Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday, November 5th

Lunch was at Mimosa Asian Restaurant in Winchester (they appear to no longer have a web presence). The Spring Roll was $1.50 with the Lunch Special...
which was my $5 Kung Pao Tofu. Pretty great deal. We haven't been here for two years because I had felt the quality to be in decline, but todays meal was excellent value.
A Field Roast Frankfurter and Wegman's Baked Beans for dinner.
PB & Crackers for dessert.
At least tomorrow at this time it will be an hour earlier. Unless you're reading this tomorrow, it which case, it's the correct time.


Stacy said...

Good for that restaurant for quitting the internet--it's so passe!
Thanks for the "fall back" reminder, and glad to know you were saving today's beverage calories for a special occasion.

foodfeud said...

Whoo extra time! I'm gonna spend my extra hour eating.
Nice rundown of the lunch, it does sound like a pretty good deal.

Molly said...

$6.50 is an excellent deal for that meal!

I'm not happy about gaining this hour. It seems so pointless....

Alessandra said...

That Mimosa restaurant seems pretty good value :-)


Ingrid said...

Unfortunately, Remy doesn't understand sleeping in or an extra hour. He literally pats my arm, and puts his little nose on my cheek letting me know it's "time" to get up.

I'm really enjoying the look of that spring roll! Glad the restaurant improved itself over time.

Just Us said...

Lunch looks very good and sounds like a great deal!
I think I'll spend my extra hour baking. :0). I'm not overly excited about it getting dark earlier though.
Oh, no wine at Whole Foods because on TN's goofy liquor law. Grocery stores can't sell wine but they can sell crazy. I totally forgot about that.... Ugh

xvavaveganx said...

Yum, that lunch looks so good and you definitely got a great deal for it! The only thing that happened to me with this extra hour is that I woke up at 5:30 instead of 6:30. Kind of a bummer but I was a lazy bum until I got my butt to the gym...which is how I spent my extra hour today. Not as fun as Michelle's baking venture!

Rose said...

The tofu looks scrumptious! I think I already spent my extra hour sleeping, but I like Maud's idea and will try to put in an extra hour of eating too!

Vegan In The VI said...

Hey Now!!!

Stacy, do they have daylight savings time in Canada? Cocktail Hour is my special occasion.

FF, an entire hour spent eating sounds awesome.

Molly, DST is so controversial. Wish I had some feelings about it.

Alessandra, Mimosa is pretty okay. Can't compare to the options in NZ. I need to focus on getting my *ss there.

Ingrid, same issues here. The pups can't tell time and got me up at the 'old time' this morning.

Michelle2, just when I finally remembered the name of the WF's house win -- Three Wishes. Oh well.

VaVa, baking/eating/working out. People are really making the most of their extra hour.

Rose, I used my hour sleeping as well. And its still not enough.