Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday, November 12th

Leftover Sloppy Joes open-faced on Ezekiel Sesame Buns for lunch...

Split Pea Soup from Mom's Place for dinner.
A big handful of Carob Covered Raisins for dessert.
I ate the Rainbow yesterday, today I kept with the earth tones.


Stacy said...

I haven't had carob covered raisins since the 90's. Sigh....I miss the 90's. Now I want some raisins.

foodfeud said...

I find it very funny that you put those carob raisins on the plate! Do you pick them up and eat them one at a time? When I take a "big handful" of anything, usually it's dumped into my mouth within seconds. No photo.

Isobelle said...

I didn't comment on yesterdays food but it sure did look awesome. Today's soup is making me wish I hadn't just had steamed kale for dinner.

I do the same thing with small foods like nuts and raisins too - put them on a plate. I think that I eat them slower.

Oh and I haven't ever seen carob raisins but I'll have to look out for some of those babies.

Ingrid Improves said...

No tots with the joes?

I've recently had a few muted, earthy toned days. That is until I cook up some collard greens tomorrow!

I have some dried cranberries to be eaten for dessert, but they will be plate-less. ;)

Carissa said...

Earth tones are your favorite anyways right? and I just do NOT like carob....

Molly ~Vegan Flower said...

An earth tone day sounds good to me! We'll have those from time to time.

I avoided chocolate for several months, during which I tried to like carob. It didn't work.

I'll have to live vicariously through you when it comes to the pumpkin pie. The only ones they had were not vegan. Oh well.

Michelle said...

I'm putting sloppy joes on my menu for this week!
I've never tried carob covered raisins... They sure sound good!
Btw, thanks for telling me about the Hormel veggie chili. I found it at Kroger yesterday.... Yay! :0).

xvavaveganx said...

Mmm split pea soup. I've been looking for a good recipe and now I really have to find one! I love chocolate covered raisins but don't really eat them. I should try carob covered ones. I like earth tones too ;) Especially on a fall day!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Stacy, you're so lucky you can differentiate one decade of your life from another. My existence is one big blur of mediocrity.

FF, your 'big handful' of whatever is your modis operandi. I was planning to emulate/mock it over MoFo, but never got a round tuit. Maybe one day.

Isotope, Carob-Coated Raisins were created as a vegan take-off on a mainstream American candy called 'Raisinettes'. American's enjoy eating 'Raisinettes', 'Goobers' and 'Sno-Caps' in movie theatres. Brings back fond memories of our childhood.

Ingrid, 'I've recently had a few muted, earthy toned days. That is until I cook up some collard greens tomorrow!' Didn't you say you taught 7th grade? What is up with the combining of the past and future tenses in those sentences? I smell a C-, Young Lady!

Carissa, I will admit to gravitating towards the earth tones, but occassionally I'm able to rock the Lava Flows and Guac.

Molly, why would WFs even bother opening a store where they only sold meat & dairy? Gross!

Michelle2, I knew Kroger would have that Hormel Chili. Mr SV has a can in his private stash. It's good stuff.

VaVa, CPK still sets my Split Pea Soup standard. Nothing worse than weak SP Soup.