Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday, November 17th

WF's had some Veggie Burgers cooked in Gravy on the hot bar today, so I got a huge helping with good old Potatoes O'Brien....
Boca Chickn Patties topped w/WF's Sauce & Cheddar Daiya. Steamed Chard on the side for dinner. I'm rebuilding my relationship with Daiya cheese. Not sure what the renewed interest is all about, but no one can complain that my grub ain't got 'color' -- just that it's not a color normally found in nature.
WF's Pumpkin Pie for dessert.
Most worthwhile thing I did all day: Signing this petition.


xvavaveganx said...

Your pumpkin pie makes me happy just looking at it. Mmm. How were those veggie burgers? Haha, a color that doesn't occur in nature, love it. Gotta have a little Daiya every once in a while :)

Molly said...

Great petition! lol I had no idea who they were for the longest time, but now I do... unfortunately.

I like Daiya, but only every once in a while. It's got it's moments.

Rose said...

Mmm, very colorful food today! I don't know about the Kardashians, but I like Daiya every now and's good if you make it like parmesan tuille.

I have to say, that slice of pie looks a bit small, but it's kinda cute...I mean, it was cute, as that piece is long gone by now, I'd wager.

foodfeud said...

You know, I so rarely eat out that when something happens that I have to, it's always a horrible anxiety-inducing problem. Point is, a couple days ago I tried to supplement my lunch with one of those veggie burgers - but it was in an already made case, not from the hot bar and no gravy in sight. It was cold and hard and not easy to eat but it certainly was filling.

Stacy said...

60% of your food was in patty form yesterday! :).
I like Daiya pretty well; we use it on all our pizzas 'round these parts.
Where do the Kardashians fit into God's plan for us?

blessedmama said...

Burger type meals twice in the same day? And pie for dessert. Methinks you are having way too much fun with your food.

Michelle said...

Lunch looks so tasty. I've got to try my hand at making something similar.

Ya know, I never watched the Kardashians, but one day I came home from work and guess who was sitting on the couch watching it.....he said he was just flipping thru the channels and decided to see what it was all about (eyes rolling)

Jenny said...

Your thing with Daiya has thrown me for a loop. I have never wavered in my deep devotion and obsession, and I think it melts just fine. Thank you for doing your part in bringing down the empire. I'm disappointed I'm less one show on Sunday nights now.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!!

VaVa, all of it was A++. Hope I can keep up this streak of great grub.

Molly, I tried to stay oblivious to the Ks as well.

Rose, the pie looked small cuz I was hiding the part that got a little crushed when slicing.

FF, it's called 'Trial and Error/Learning from Experience' and hopefully, one day, 'Street Smarts'. You'll know for next time not to buy and eat an uncooked Veggie Burger.

Stacy, if I didn't have the blog, my food would probably be 95% in patty form every day. Would assume the Kardashians are of God's former right-hand man's plan.

Blessed Mama, I had a dangerous stretch of mediocre meals. I have to be very careful not to to get back on that jag.

Michelle2, was this the same day 'guess who' baked cookies?

Jenny, I'm finding Daiya is small doses is pretty great. Yeah, the Kardashians are crying all the way to the bank, right?

kimberly said...

i want to try to find some pumpkin pie around here. also, i would sign that petition for surrrrre. i don't watch tv, but damn, i still hear about them one way or another.