Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday, November 6th

Lunch was at home today...
Coconut Curry Marinated Tempeh on Sesame Noodles. Tasted really good.
Dinner was inspired by Blessed Mama's Vegetable Salad using some items picked up at the Farmers Market yesterday: Wax Beans, Heirloom Tomatoes and Hydroponic Lettuce. Goddess Dressing drizzled on top.
A Sweet & Sara PB Smore for dessert.
All the cats are still in the downstairs powder room. The litter box is changed twice daily and I'm constantly refreshing food & water. Mama Cat has grown tired of hissing and spitting every time I enter the room, but still despises me.
This little being was caught resting in full view.
These two are harder to catch on camera.
Here's a picture I took today of a Snail on a leaf. Felt Like Zoa when I saw how this pic turned out.


xvavaveganx said...

Your meals look great and as usual I'm jealous of your dessert! In my pre-gluten free days I tried those noodles (really great for a quick meal!) and the smores (so good). Your new fur babies seem to be really time consuming but it is still so amazing of you to take them in and take such good care of them. I'm sure it helps that they are so adorable :) And the snail pic came out great!!

Molly said...

lol, the two boys at the end of that video were the best. Some of those kids kind of got violent!

The snail picture is gorgeous and the kitties are so cute. <3

Oh, and I've tried that tempeh before. Not too shabby at all.

foodfeud said...

Coconut curry tempeh sounds great! Did you heat the dish up?
I love the shocked/shy face on the little black and white kitty! Trying to imagine how I'd feel with some giant bursting into my room with a contraption to her face shooting flashes of light at me.... Makes me want to cower next to a friend too.

Just Us said...

Love the kitties..they are too cute. Maybe momma cat stopped hissing and spitting at you because she knows you are helping them.
And, That is one cool snail picture! :0)

Rose said...

Oh, so much in this post!!

The snail pic is Zoa-esque, well done! I love the colors.

All the food looks great. I've tried those tempeh strips and liked them; I imagine they'd be tasty with sesame noodles, lots of flavor. And, of course, anything from BlessedMama is going to be a tasty dish. Some of her recipes are standards in our house...I really need to post about it!!

I think mama cat is slowly starting to improve her opinion of you, and well, the young'uns are precious. There's always one more outgoing than the others...lets hope they follow suit!

Love the vid too, were we as addicted to sugar as these kids seem to be? I guess it's more than that. It's failed expectations, hard work for nothing, and looking forward to a treat and finding it's no-go...oh yeah, that still makes me cry and throw a tantrum.

The kids at the end were the cutest!!! They are surely well-balanced kids.

blessedmama said...

Great snail pic! Love the kitty shots, too.

Glad I inspired you on the salad. I'm taking it was the beans, because, ahem, I still see lettuce in your bowl.

Also, followed the "here" link to those vegan recipes. Thanks for the tip.

Stacy said...

Your food looks especially good today.
Have you noticed how no other animal can "do" contempt as well as a cat? That mama cat is giving you major "side-eye."

Zoa said...

Beautiful snail picture! We don't have snails this big where I live, but last year in Superstore I found one like this crawling on the outside of a big bag of greens. Needless to say, I did a rescue. It crawled all over my mom's car on the way home. I set it free under a sorrel plant in the garden where this athletic little fella immediately vanished, and I slapped my head later for not getting a picture.

The cats are adorable, especially the two tiny ones hiding behind the jug!

Jenny said...

Great pics all around. The video is funny. I'm glad my kids don't act like that about candy. Although I wish I felt free enough to throw fits like that because that's how I feel sometimes.

Vegan In The VI said...

Hey Now!!!!!

VaVa, you think of the nicest things to say. I should start taking notes on how to do that. I'm super proud of my Snail Pic. Must have had something to do with the sun being at high noon.

Molly, I remember being that attached to my Halloween candy. The day after Halloween, my Dad would always take it 'to work'. The Tempeh was very good!

FF, did I smack the b*tch up? What are you saying? I do feel bad shooting the flash off in the kitty faces, but they're getting free room and board with the highest quality food, litter, toys etc. Believe me, they are such ingrates. Won't let me fondle them at all!

Michelle2, if I suddenly stop blogging, it's cuz the Mama Kitty took me down.

Rose, I felt like such a Zoa with my pictures of the Snail. You're right, Grey & White kitten is always out in the open, so he/she must be the Alpha. The Halloween Haul as a metaphor for life: I'm there. Big time.

Blessed Mama, I only included the Lettuce in muy dinner pic cuz it was part of my Farmers Market purchase. Otherwise, I would've stayed true to the original recipe (using fresh Beans instead of canned).

Stacy, after 'Side Eye', is there anything on 'Cat Scratch Fever', cuz I think that's what I have now.

Zoa, touching rescue story. My Snail went back to a moist, dark environment after the photo shoot. In the past, I have accidentally brought more 'active' Snails into the house and enjoyed watching them 'crawl'? all over my hand. Funny little beings.

Jenny, I know your kids would never react like that over white sugar. Although, their behavior in WFs is up for debate. Just sayin'. Also, when are you due? , i.e., are we gonna hear from your/see baby pics after birthin' the baby?

kimberly said...

this looks like a pretty great food day!! i'll have to try to find that coconut curry tempeh.

the kitties still look absolutely darling. (even the angry momma).

also, LOVED that kimmel vid. the last two boys were my favorite.

Jenny said...

I'm not telling you my due date, nor am I sharing pictures of the baby with you until we get a picture and birth date out of you.

Just kidding. I'm not due until the 2nd week of January, and you'll probably get to see and hear more than you ever wanted to know.