Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday, November 1st

The 'Vegan Club' Sandwich from the NoVa Food Truck for lunch. $7 for the Sandwich, Side Salad and a Bag of Chips. I put my own Goddess Dressing (I keep a bottle in the work fridge) on the Side Salad.
Celebration Roast and Steamed Chard for dinner.
About 40 Carob Covered Raisins for dessert.
Below is the reason for my recent stress. Our neighbor had a Mama Cat give birth in his wood shed a couple months ago. I bought him a trap and on Friday, the Mama arrived at our house. Mama Cat totally doesn't appreciate her new lifestyle, that's her typical expression. On Saturday morning, the power went out and the snow started falling. Around 3pm the Black Kitten arrived.
On Sunday, the power was still out. There was much worry on my part about separating the Mother from the Kittens/ leaving the Kittens out in the snow. Around 4pm, the White Kitten arrived here.
When I got home from work yesterday, the White/Grey Kitten was here. All family members are currently residing in our downstairs restroom, eating and drinking up a storm.
So now I just have to get them vaccinated and fixed. Can't wait to see how that all is gonna happen.


foodfeud said...

Aaiieee! Those are some cute freakin kittens!! It must be pretty stressful but it's so good of you that they aren't out in the snow! Aww. Hope things calm down over there and that the dogs don't get into the room.

Stacy said...

That sounds ridiculously stressful, actually, although yes those kittens are friggin adorable. WRT the "how will it all happen" issue, is it just a matter of finding time to do all the kitten-schlepping to the vet?

It is hard for me to be sincere, but I am glad you are back :).

Stacy said...

PS those calicos are crazy. Watch your back!

Carissa said...

Mama cat does NOT look happy, but the kittens are SO precious :) I miss kittens!

Ingrid Improves said...

All this mention of "at work" has me thinking that you are no longer working from home? I know, it's none of my business. :)

Steamed chard sounds lovely! And I applaud the carob raisins.

New animals are certainly stressful! I have fostered a few our a local rescue, and it seems to stress Remy out, so we've cut back. Doing good work out there, the kitties are lucky to have you!

Molly said...

That's a lot of critters you have in your home now! So cool that you took the kitties in.

xvavaveganx said...

OMG, I totally get why you would be stressed but they are SO FREAKING CUTE!!! That is so nice of you to take them in, you definitely have quite a crew shacking up at your place!

kimberly said...

that food truck sandwich looks pretty damn good. i hope it tasted the same.


you are so lucky (despite the hassle of fixing them, etc.). i miss my kitty quite dearly. their faces are so adorable!

Michelle said...

The food truck sandwich looks awesome! Those carob covered raisins sound really good too!

awe....the kitties are so adorable! I can imagine how stressed your are, but you are so kind to take them in. :o)

Question~since you drink wine, do you have a recommendation of a good cheap red or white wine that's fruity and not dry? I know there are tons out there, but I am totally clueless when it comes to wine.

Michelle said...
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Rose said...

That's fantastic that you rescued the kitties! I'm guessing the mom is feral and will probably be a hard sell, but hopefully the kitties will learn to trust and like humans. Wonderful stuff!!

blessedmama said...

Very practical of you to have some dressing at work.

As far as the kitties - what a soft, tender heart you have! I'm glad they are in a safe, cozy place. Are you sure all the kittens are with you now? Good luck with all their medical needs.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

FF, good point about the dogs getting into the bathroom. The Mama & Babies are incredibly quiet. Must have something to do with living outside previously. The pups have not even picked up on their presence yet and I hope it stays that way.

Stacy, going to the vet is such a horrendous experience for me and whomever I'm bringing in. I avoid it at all costs. Why must they always make us wait at least a half hour??? I have earned my Calico stripes years ago. Definitely didn't go looking for another. She found me. Also, here I am: I'm baaack!

Carissa, kittens grow up so freakin' fast. I know I can't spend much time with these babies to enjoy them. Just a couple minutes a day to handle them a little bit.

Ingrid, I still just WFH on Wednesdays. Doesn't seem like a nosey ? at all. My fostering experience always ended up in full-on adoption. The greatest cat I ever had was a foster. I admire people who are able to give up their fosters. Must be so painful.

Molly, who can resist a little feline family in need?

VaVa, I have four more mouths to feed. And let me tell you: they are chowing down.

Kimberly, seriously, there are some incredibly adorable little faces in my restroom as we type.

Michelle2, you might want to try a 1.5 litre bottle of Frontera Merlot. It's very inexpensive (don't pay more than $8.99). Alice White Shiraz is also a good, inexpensive red.

Rose, the kittens are totally chill with me picking them up and handling them. The Mama just hisses and spits the whole time. Anyway, I feel more like it was my neighbor that rescued them. Wonder if I should get him a gift?

Blessed Mama, excellent question. I'm trusting my neighbor on the kitten count. All are apparently accounted for now.

Jenny said...

I would be freaking out. Especially since I'm not a cat caregiver, but I wouldn't be able to stand not caring for them. I also get very emotional/unglued with mother/kittie/puppy separation. I can't deal. You're so wonderful to take this on while you're so busy and have bad weather on top of it.

Jenny said...

Also is confectioners glaze sometimes vegan? I'm not saying that as the "vegan police" (I think it's sensible that people aren't as bothered as minute ingredients as I am so that's not why I was mentioning it.) - I've just tried to figure it out before. And it's in several things I've wanted to try before.