Saturday, January 31, 2009

Asian Stuffed Cabbage

Last week Napa Cabbage was on sale
for $1.00/pound....

I saw Martha Stewart make Asian Stuffed Cabbage
on The Today Show and thought it
would be a good way to use the cabbage
and some leftover rice.

I used a 14 ounce package of Gimme Lean and
reconstituted Shitake Mushrooms...

Combined in a large bowl with the Garlic, Ginger,
Rice, Scallions, Crushed Red Pepper, Soy Sauce
and Sesame Oil.

Then I stuffed the cabbage leaves and baked
for a half hour.

I heated up some of these Spring Rolls.

The Stuffed Cabbage was excellent! (The Spring
Rolls not so much). Thanks again, Martha!

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