Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Knossos Cafe, Berryville

Today I got carry-out from Knossos Cafe.

When ordering the Veggie Sandwich on Pita,
I said to leave off the cheese and specifically
said 'I don't eat dairy products' to really drive
home the point of leaving off the cheese, lest
I might have lactose intolerance or other issue.
I was so disappointed to later unwrap my sandwich
and see it was drenched in mayonaisse. (I'm
pretty sure it wasn't Veganaisse). The menu
didn't say there was mayo on the sandwich,
and it's not something I associate with Greek
At least my side order of Hummus & Pita was
pretty sizeable and more than made up for the
sandwich loss.


Globaland said...

Its now mayo its a low fat (in fact I think non fat) yogurt sauce with diced cucumbers, which is a standard part of greek cuisine. Its delicious but obviously wasted on this person. Perhaps if it was deep fried?

Catherine said...

Dude. She said she was vegan. Has nothing to do with her not being sufficiently sophisticated that it needs to be "deep fried". Yes yogurt sauce is phenomenal but the point is it's a dairy product.

NIZAM said...

Knossos Cafe is under new management. Very nice people working there. They have tables outside which is very nice thing.There Food is very dilicious now. I Recommend anybody in Berryville area to try it out.

NIZAM said...
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