Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tuesday, March 10th

I guess winter citrus season is coming to a close..
took my lunch pic before mashing the Avocado with Lemon Juice, Black Salt and Freshly Ground Pepper...
WF's General Tso's Seitan for dinner...
Wegmans' Peanut Butter for dessert...
Nothing new under the sun here tomorrow. Bye for now.


Ingrid said...

The citrus I've picked up this weekend has been so delicious! But I have a feeling you are right. It just means that berries and cherries are right around the corner!! Beautiful avocado.

foodfeud said...

Was the grapefruit no good? I've been having good citrus lately...Mostly cara cara oranges.
Switching it up on the lunch pic front, huh? Coooool.
The seitan looks good. I found TVP at the grocery store recently and need to figure out how best to use it.
bye for now.

Unknown said...

I'm ready for melons and berries anyhow. I saw some strawberries from mexico on sale but not organic and so often when they travel that far taste like pink styrofoam. I can still find good honeycrisps so everything is good.
You avocado luck is enviable, good lookin lunching. Seitan always tastes better when someone else makes it- and pb on a spoon always works!

Definitely stock up on that tikka with TJs sketchy here and gone history... No news here either, more hacking sniffling green juice and sleep. Gotta call in sick tomorrow, should have today, not really a functional human right now.

Sarah said...

I concur with everyone else, I'm ready for summer fruit too! Your lunch looks perfect, what a beautiful, vibrant avocado! I'm so curious to try that seitan, I feel like I've seen it once or twice at my WFs but always got turned off by the peppers that were inevitably showing up. Maybe I'll just have to try and pick around the peppers if I see it again.

I used up the rest of my steel cut oats to make my big batch last week because I thought it would hold up better. I only have rolled oats left but I'm going to try and make a batch with that to see how it holds up!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Ingrid, Berries and Cherries! i didnt know what was coming next. Thanks!

FF, the Grapefruit was super juicy. I was MOURNING the end of citrus season. TVP is best in Chili and Sloppy Joes.

Unknown, Non-Organic Strawberries from Mexico? Forget it. I hope you have someone locally checking in on you.

Sarah, the Sauce in the Tikka Masala is too pureed to pick out Peppers. Bummer. It is so delicious. i guess Rolled Oats can be good too. Been so many years since I have had them, I barely remember what they're like.