Saturday, March 14, 2015

Saturday, March 14th

Due to Mr. SVegetarian's massive head cold, he couldnt decide what to order for breakfast. I was able to steer him towards Andy's Favorite TLT so we could do halfsies. Turns out, in a comparison, the TLT (Tempeh, Lettuce and Tomato with Vegenaisse) wins hands down over the Tofu Scramble Wrap. Quite a conundrum for future meals...
Beyond Meat Beast Burgers for dinner....
Tasty enough, but not worth the exorbitant price ($6.99 for a package of two). I will continue to stick with Gardein Beefless Burgers (sold under the Wegmans' brand)....
I would have had dessert, but my camera was upstairs and I didnt feel like going back up to get it, so I just didnt eat dessert. Bizarre reason not to have dessert. Bye for now.


Ingrid said...

As long as you don't leave your camera upstairs tomorrow, and take pictures of the canines, I will be satisfied. ;)

Good to know on the Beast Burgers. I need to try other versions, as I have Dr. Praeger's hanging out in my freezer. Being individually wrapped wins a lot of points for me - speaking of which, I'll be having one (that I'll bring with me) tomorrow during the Israel Photo Show with my parents (they arrived on Thursday).

Unknown said...

Oooh, that TLT does look amazing..! Somehow more spring/summery kind of a meal. Sucks that the Mr is still sick.
Just the marketing/packaging of those burgers is kind of obnoxious- and $7?? Maybe its a good thing you didn't love them..!
You must have a lot of stairs in your house. I would do a solid five flights for dessert.

I made the mug of miso- i use a super dark barley miso and make it to drink almost all winter. I definitely feel more human today, so it was either the day of green symphony or 13hrs of sleep thanks to nyquil..!

Unknown said...

The TLT even looks superiour! The tomato looks particularly fresh and juicy.

foodfeud said...

A very bizarre reason not to eat dessert. I would have forgiven you for eating dessert and not photographing it.
Halvsies is always the best decision. Haven't you had the TLT there before? Was it just the side by side comparison that had you realize that the sandwich was better?

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Ingrid, hopefully, i will satisfy you in tonights post. It was easy getting pics of these crazy babies. I am not a fan of Dr. Praegers. Let me know if your folks tried the Falafel? Did they have a fabulous time?

Unknown, wish I had known about the Barley Miso. That might have helped Mr. SV these past few days. I am all stocked up on the cold meds should I current be incubating the virus. Seems everyone we talk to has it.

Unknown, 12:50am?! methinks you use my blog to busy yourself at the nightclub while waiting on the ladies room or your next cocktail! But, yeah, it was a great Tomato. Cant wait till TFK opens im NYC so you can tell me your thoughts.

FF, the blog has too much power over me and my choices. It is a modern day neurosis someone needs to study. Yes, the side by side comparison made me realize the TLT is the superior item.