Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday, June 30th

Getting up earlier didn't make much difference today since we got to The Common Market before their Hot Bar opened at 11am. I ordered the Tofurky Reuben...
by the time my Sandwich was ready, the Hot Bar opened, so I got some Roasted Potatoes.
TJ's Chickenless Chicken Tenders with Heinz-57 and Zucchini and Chickpea Pancakes for dinner. This was not the best combo of flavors. The Pancakes should have just been a meal in themselves, rather than a side dish.
An entire rich and fudgy Chocolate Donut from Vegan Treats via Loving Hut for dessert...
Used up some CSA Mint Leaves making a Mint Russki. The Leaves give off a plethora of mintiness.
I show it every year on the blog: Butterfly Weed in bloom. Love that flower.
WFH grub tomorrow.


foodfeud said...

Thanks for the link to the zucchini-chickpea pancakes. The regular zucchini pancakes you make (have made) always look great but I like that the chickpea flour makes them a little more substantial and, yeah, the meal, rather than a side.
Into the drink. I like that it's not a sweet drink but I bet the mint really helps the vodka flavor.

Nikki said...

I want to eat what you ate today. I will never tire of seeing your reubens. The chickpea pancakes sound interesting. Did they need sauce? Or are they ok just the way they are?

xvavaveganx said...

I want to roll around in those potatoes. They look so crispy and delicious! Major potato craving happening here ;) The zucchini chickpea pancakes sound so delicious! I bet the mint makes the drink really refreshing. That donut looks so yummy, definitely can't do just half of that!!

Anonymous said...

Ooooo, I too love those flowers! So pretty.

I thought I left a comment on yesterday's post but apparently didn't... Anyway, those thumbprint cookies look divine.

Love that you used csa mint in your drink. :)

Unknown said...

Although i just was at the store today my new grocery list now reads "zucchini, chickpea flour, mint, good vodka".
Looks like a creative resourceful use of csa ingredients! Minty drinks are so refreshing.... And that donut. Wow. What a unique flower! Do you cut them for a bouquet?
And thank goodness i finally finished the freelance gig friday- whew. Been asleep at home since ;)

Ingrid said...

The Common Market's Reuben is what made me want to try one in the first place. I'm going to nose around and see if I can't find one that tastes fantastic.

I'm envious of your minty beverage! And of those blooms - really gorgeous!

Miss Rachel said...

Oh that reuben looks so delicious. I have never heard of a "russki" but it sounds like a great summer drink. The butterfly weed is beautiful.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

FF, who knew Chickpea Flour made things substantial? Not sure how these Pancakes cook without Baking Powder, but somehow they do.

Nikki, I think a little sauce for Zucchini Pancakes is always a good idea.

VaVa, never thought to roll around in Potatoes, but you're are right, it's definitely the thing to do.

RVs, the Thumbprint Cookies are excellent.

Unknown, I've never cut flowers to bring inside. I've thought about it, but it just seems like taking away food from the insects or something. Glad you're back home. Hope you made lots of $$$ to buy a good bottle of Vodka.

Ingrid, you definitely need to find a good Reuben for your first time. Otherwise, you might think you don't like them.

Miss Rachel, I'd never heard of a 'Russki' either. Was just searching for cocktails that used Mint Leaves and found this.