Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday, June 2nd

We made it up and out early today to enjoy breakfast on the delightful semi-enclosed patio at Clementine Cafe in Harrisonburg.
Mr. SVegetarian and I each got the 'Tofu Scrambler' $8.95 with little carafes of Mimosas for $5.00 each. While the service and atmosphere were great, neither of us found the Tofu Scrambler to be as flavorful as it was colorful.
Heading down and back via Route 81, there is a lot of scenery that looks like this....
Lunch was enjoyed at Christina's Cafe in Strasburg. I had a Black Bean and Avocado Sandwich on Ciabatta $9.95 with Route 11 Chips. Really fantastic.
Christina's also has a gorgeous garden for dining, but it felt too muggy to sit outside at that point and enjoy it.
We will definitely be returning. There are a lot of vegetables on the menu that can be mixed and matched to make up a good vegan meal.
'Gypsy Pasta' $12.95 Tomatoes, Artichokes, Olives and Mushrooms carried out from Sal's Italian Bistro in Edinburg. We will be patronizing Sal's again as well.
In summation: There's good vegan grazing to be done up and down the 81 corridor.


xvavaveganx said...

Damn, looks like some good eating today. Bummer that the tofu scramble wasn't as tasty as it was beautiful because that's one lovely plate of food. Hopefully the mimosa helped along with the beautiful patio vibe. Lunch looks really great too, that's a tasty looking sandwich! Pretty flowers too. Beautiful atmosphere.

Ingrid said...

Congratulations on your delicious day! I hope the rest of June proves to continue in the same fashion. The mimosa and home fries look tasty, even if the scrambler was mediocre.

I've never heard of Gypsy Pasta, but it looks great!

Note taken about Route 81!

foodfeud said...

I love that yr weekend outing was driving from awesome food place to food place. I bought a broom and toilet paper today.
Gorgeous mimosas, but I really like the patio and lunch dining shots too.

Unknown said...

Wow- what a great day! Eating outside is perfect for breakfast, and all sundays need mimosas. The sandwich looks great, you've had some lovely ciabatta creations lately! And i love the suburban scenery

Anonymous said...

Love the flowers and scenery! It looks like a pretty drive.

Great food day all around, especially the black bean & avocado sandwich. I'm going to have to try a mimosa sometime. I rarely drink, but they always sound delicious.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

VaVa, yeah, it was a major day of eating. We're feeling it today however.

Ingrid, it was your well wishes for a meal on a gorgeous patio that did it. I'll let you know when I need more of those coming my way.

FF, are you planning to ride the broom somewhere? I'm confused. Hope you got a good deal on the TP.

Unknown, the only thing better than dining Al Fresco is drinking Al Fresco.

Molly, just like in my dream: I saw two Airstreams going in the opposite direction on the highway, and didn't have time to snap a pic. Weird. Almost as weird as your never having had a Mimosa.

Hannah said...

Oooh, the black bean sandwich looks like squoodge heaven!

Jared Bigman said...

Hey there SV,

Next time you make it down to HBurg, try out The Little Grill if you haven't already. They often have longer lines for breakfast/brunch on weekends (it is a small place) but their vegan options are excellent. I usually go for the Lambert's Platter with whatever their special pancake is.

I've been to Clementine's several times for dinner/drinks and it is a really fun place inside (and their new patio) but the vegan options are underwhelming.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hannah, it totally was squoodge heaven! I need more squoodge in my life.

Jared, thank you so much for the HBurg rec! Their menu looks fantastic. I never would've known about it.