Saturday, December 25, 2010

Where Is Everyone?

Lunch was some pretty bad Kung Pao Tofu.
...which made me crazy thirsty and resulted in my enjoying a frosty Root Beer.
Dinner was a limited edition Field Roast:
with Butternut Squash, Cranberry Sauce & Road's End Organic Gravy. It was all extremely delicious.
Matthew Fox Shiraz.


foodfeud said...

The Field Roast looks awesome and so does the squash. I am all about squash ever since the other night's risotto.
That soda looks especially delicious. When I drank soda, the only kind I ever liked was Root Beer. MMmmmmMMmm

dirtyduck said...

dont let that "limited edition" go to your head

root beer is gross! you and FF can have it all!

Merry Christmas again,ill be enjoying mock meaty stuff in a bit, we tend to eat REALLY late:)

your dinner looks excellent, nothing more a vegan/vegetarian could want!you do a good replication. does mr SV help with that field roast or do you get it all? i like that walter is into the mock meats that i make but it also means he might like it enough to put a serious dent in it!lolttysoon

ps, get together later to compare how fat we feel?...its a date:)

Dianne said...

ooh hazelnut cranberry! Being limited edition always makes things taste better ;-)

Jessica said...

I am jealous of your food and wine, even if it is subpar Chinese (assuming that's what was open on the holiday?). The root beer looks good, too.
Hazelnut cranberry field roast sounds amazing.

Rose said...

Merry Christmas Shen! Even though I am a day late...I'm still celebrating anyway!

Too bad about the tofu...all the rest looks great! The rootbeer is making me thirsty.

kimberly said...

yummmm cookies!!!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hello, FF & Ladies!!!

Glad you all had a pleasant holiday! Thanks for visiting, my Root Beer and Field Roast were really awesome.

Michelle1, WooHoo! FF & I have all the Root Beer! Thanks! (I ain't feeling as fat as I should be, what's that about?)

LittleHouseofVeggies said...

Yeah, that Feild Roast looks great!!

dirtyduck said...

great i love feeling fat all by myself.