Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday, April 19th

When I picked up my bread-free Gazpacho yesterday, the manager at LPQ (major go-getter, this guy) said that my beloved 'Tofu Scramble' could be resurrected (sans cheese). He approached me (this time), I didn't bug him (like I usually do).  Cautious optimism would be how Mr. SVegetarian and I reacted to this announcement, but said we would return in the morning to partake. The manager of LPQ is a man of his word.
side of Avocado. Our favorite server, Daniella from Moldavia, kept the Iced Teas topped off. Like old times. Now we are really in a conundrum....Do we go to TFK or LPQ next Saturday?
WF's haul after breakfast....
Found a two pound box of Baby Artichokes for $3.99 at Wegmans yesterday...Hey! Bebe!
I dont think I prepared them correctly because they were very disappointing. Totally blah. I need Unknown to 'please advise'....
More Randy Radish Brownie for dessert....
Might take an Artichoke break tomorrow. Bye for now.


blessedmama said...

Boy, that is a lot of artichokes, but big and small are prepared differently. Don't know if you want a tip from me, sniff, but I like my small ones, halved, peeled and roasted with olive oil. Delish. So glad the restaurant is back to the way you want it. One of the big disappointments is when our faves change.

foodfeud said...

Wow, those are some mega artichokes. And some baby cute ones. Funny, usually smaller foods taste better because the flavor is more concentrated. Right? Am I just thinking of instruments and F-Stops?
uhhhh anyway. Glad to see a Primal Strip in there too. Those are pretty legit.
Go to TFK. LPQ has had too many ons and offs. Ain't even any matcha muffins.

Unknown said...

That's some nice VIP treatment at LPQ! Was the scramble as good as it used to be? You could always do one day LPQ and the other TFK....
That's a lotta artichokes! Love the pup with the babies picture :)
The baby artichokes are usually much sweeter and have so much that is edible- they should be great just steamed and don't take as long as the big ones. Were they from CA? Maybe the babies just don't travel well... ?
The other half of that brownie looks as good as the first.

Dumb ankle was better today thank goodness but didn't want to push it by biking around. Delivery ethiopian helped me deal.

Hillary said...

So happy to see the tofu scramble back! You could alternate weekends between LPQ, and TFK. I prefer the full size artichokes to the baby ones myself!

Abby Bean said...

What is going on under that scramble: is that oil? Cuz I don't shy away from oil, but that looks like a lot!! Who's the cutie? Why have I never seen him before? Does he like artichokes?

Vegan In The VI said...

Hey Now!!!!!!

Blessed Mama, I know you are an Artichoke afficianado so if i ever do the Baby thing again, I will try roasting, per your advice.

FF, LPQ now has Carrot Muffins (thanks for jogging my memory on that item sitting in my fridge). So interesting how my readers are advising me on the weekend brunch dilemma. The personalities really show through.

Unknown, I will concede, the New LPQ Scramble is not as great as the old with the Soy Cheese, but LPQ is so much more assessible in terms of solo dining, It would be so great to be able to return. What do you dip your baby artichokes in? i was thinking that may have been part of the problem last night. Cant imagine having Ethiopian food delivered. What a luxury! Ankle okay yet?

VP, alternate weekends is an idea. Like getting custody of a child. I'm thinking i must prefer full-size to baby as well. At least in terms of Artichokes.

Abby, that is Oil with a little Harrisa under the Sramble. Good stuff to be mopped up with the Bread. The love of my life, Poley, is posing with the Baby Artichokes. He has been on the blog for many years. Currently, he is snoozing on my foot right now and it feels heavenly.