Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday, April 17th

So today was all Randy Radish all day. Starting off with a Tofu Reuby for breakfast/lunch devoured in my car prior to a doctor's appointment...
A very intense Tomato Soup for dinner...looks like Butternut Squash, but was totally Tomato with lots of unusual herbs and spices...
part of an Organic Double Chocolate Brownie for dessert...
Back to True Food Kitchen tomorrow. Bye for now.


Unknown said...

Amazing day!
I'm impressed you managed the ruben in your car- great lighting in the pic too.
Did you have the tomato soup hot? I wonder what all they put in there that makes it lighter....maybe cashews? That brownie looks really amazing.

I had to run around the city today so i got to bike a bit this afternoon and went by a juice press for their gazpacho- damned good stuff.

foodfeud said...

Yea great stuff all around. I am wondering where around here would be the best place to find a Reuben.
Looks like you and Ingrid are in a brownie contest. Who! Will! Win!

Sarah said...

Hmmm I hope everything is ok with all of these Drs appointments!

I too am impressed by your ability to eat a Reuben in the car! That is very impressive and shows a high level of skill ;) THat brownie is just ridiculous in the best possible way. It looks amazing!

Haha I'm still obsessed with going to Hawaii, one day I will be there! Ugh I know I have expensive taste but the macadamias are so good. I had them in a trail mix so I haven't bought just a bag of macadamias but I suspect that will change me next grocery trip! Oh and I think the new captchas are hilarious! Today I'm picking out all of the pasta pics, ha!

Vegan In The VI said...

Hey Now!!!!!

Unknown, I guess as an active city dweller, you arent used to eating in a car. The Soup was hot and high quality stuff. I got two Gazpachos at LPQ today. You got me into them.

FF, duh! you can get a Reuben at Champs. Even I know that.

Sarah, everything is okay, just got strong-armed by one doc into getting other tests to bleed the insurance companies. Rather than eating in the car, I would have impressed myself had i sat outside and eaten in the sun. I will have to revisit Macadamias. They are the most fattening nut (100 calories each I think?) and toxic to Pups, but I havent had one in years.