Monday, January 19, 2015

Monday, January 19th

Decided to try the 'Shitake & Tofu Lettuce Cups' $9 with Ginger, Soy and Cashew. Nowhere near as good as PF Chang's, but Mr. SVegetarian liked them and said it was unfair to compare the two. However, who's blog is this?
My 'Andy's Favorite TLT' $12 was phenomenal and I was so happy to see lots of other people in the restaurant ordering it as well...
Picked up some Vietnamese food from nearby restaurant, Four Sisters. My 'Tofu and Vegetables' $12.95 was surprisingly just so so. Maybe I ordered wrong...
Back to the usual WFH grub tomorrow. Bye for now.


foodfeud said...

Haha, damn straight, it's YR blog! Though if mr. SV starts one, I will totally read it. I would love to hear about his harley outings to get food, or his pizza and pasta makings, or if you kick him in yr sleep.
The TLT looks fantastic. Who's Andy?
Have you been to Four Sisters before, and just ordered something different? I thought about going to CoCo Lin for dinner but just bought groceries instead. Boring, I know.

Ingrid said...

Oh yeah, face first right into that sandwich. It looks delicious! My parents leave for your neck of the woods in less than two weeks - they already have their first meal planned: Brio.

P.S. Native Foods changes their menu something like three times a year, but some items stick around.

P.P.S. I've decided that Farmer Chris has an obnoxious laugh. Not sure I can get past it. Jimmy Fallon's appearance has made it extra entertaining.

Jared Bigman said...

That TLT looks really good.

I recommend the Clay Pot Tofu at Four Sisters. One of my favorite dishes. The restaurant is really attractive inside, the service is hit or miss.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

FF, I have no doubt Mr. SV's blog would be enormously popular and interesting. He occasionally threatens to either start his own food blog and/or post on mine. 'Andy' is Dr. Andrew Weil, the owner of True Food Kitchen. Four Sisters has a great rep, but I dont believe we will return.

Ingrid, I am sorry to hear your parents are going to Brio, not just because I think the food is sub-par and over-priced, but because they dont have to come all the way to Virginia to go there. However, I am sure your Grandmother probably feels comfortable going to a familiar place, so it will have to be. Jimmy Kimmel! Chris' Prince Charming facade is cracking for sure.

Jared, you will love True Food Kitchen. I hope you get there soon. Mr. SV got the Clay Pot Tofu from Four Sisters and he wasnt too impressed either. Maybe cuz it was a Monday their usual chefs werent in?

Sarah said...

Oooh so many new meals!! They all look incredible. Too bad the tofu with veggies was just meh, it looks so good!