Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tuesday, September 2nd

Not gonna make myself so easily identifiable by my bite anymore...
An Heirloom Tomato that has never gone near a refrigerator is an Heirloom Tomato well worth eating. Took me long enough to gain that bit of wisdom..
Gardein Crispy Mandarin Orange Chicken for dinner. Tasted gourmet!
PB & Carob Chips for dessert. Also no fail.
100% delicious food day. Lunch with Mom tomorrow. Planning on carryout from CPK. Bye for now.


Ingrid said...

WAIT. Is tomorrow Friday?! Please say yes!

Pb and chocolate (er...carob) is always a good way to go.

foodfeud said...

Very pretty tomato. Glad it was texturally pleasing too.
The dinner does sound great. Sounds like something I've seen at Wild Ginger.
No fail desserts are the best, I would have gone back for seconds or thirds on that one.

Unknown said...

What a gorgeous tomato! I can tell it was one of those ethereal end of summer ones. I hope there was a little salt on them. Tomatoes need salt. And the gardein dinner looks better than most chinese takeout!
I'm no fan of carob, but nut butter on a spoon is underrated.

I got lucky and the big sur cabin was mosquito free (whew!). I've made gazpacho, pico de gallo, and a cold tomato/avocado/white bean soup (blended) that has decimated the available tomatoes :))
The last of the cherry tomatoes will be a plane snack tonight...

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!!!

Ingrid, I know you arent a Carob fan, but the bag of Carob Chips was easier to access than the Choclate. Mom had a doctor's appointment, so there may still be a friday lunch if I can get up the energy.

FF, I wanted to go back for seconds or thirds on that dessert. Not sure how I resisted.

Unknown, I didnt get the memo that Tomatoes need salt. Next Sandwich I will try it. A bunch of Cherry Tomatoes doesnt seem like enough to get one through a five-six hour flight. I need carbs to settle my stomach in the air. So glad you had a successful vacation! going back for Christmas/Glogg?

Sarah said...

Oooh yum!! Your heirloom tomatoes are always gorgeous, I'm definitely jealous of those. THe Gardein Mandarin Chick'n sounds great! Who needs takeout when you have that! I am impressed by your dessert restraint yet again. It's so easy to go back for more of that deliciousness!