Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tuesday, September 23rd

So I have gotten the memo that it is time to eat Honeycrisps. These were small, but super crisp!
A Farmers Market Tomato with Just Mayo on Wegmans Toasted Marble Rye for lunch...
Gardein Crispy Tenders (more crispness! a theme!) with WF's Mac & Cheese..
Our local WFs now has a Meatless Mondays selection of...wait for it...Meatless! entrees on their Hot Bar...although, I just noticed they didn't list the Pasta in the ingredients list...hmmmm....
Peanut Butter Swirl with extra PB for dessert. Part of this picture is actually focus. Cant you guess which part?
A lot of the same grub tomorrow. Bye for now.


foodfeud said...

Isn't it exciting when a theme emerges?? You could actually have titled this post something about that, I mean, if you wanted.
The mac& cheese looks good!
I'm guessing the PB part is in focus, as it is the most important part.

Ingrid said...

I like the crisp theme! I've just tried a honeycrisp today for the first time this year, and yes, very delicious!

Nice hearty slices on your rye, and I love the tenders!! How unfair that your Whole Foods carries vegan mac. There has been an explosion of mac here, but all with cow milk. *sigh*

Unknown said...

Honeycrisps are my favorites! I actually found some local ones on sale at a random grocery far away from my apartment- so i bought a dozen. Ha! I'm munching one a day easily with no end in sight...
That's a great theme at whole foods- hope its more vegan selections than meatless but dairy-full dishes.

The upper right corner of the ice cream is in focus- aka the part that looks freezer burnt. I'd eat it! Ice cream and pb is a wonderful way to end the day.

No pickles yesterday with my hummus... Mostly cuz when they are in my apartment i eat them until they are gone. And now i want some.....!

Sarah said...

Yes!!!! I have been shoveling honeycrisps into my face for the past week. They are so amazing, I love it when they are in season.

I also like the theme! Everything looks really delicious and the tomatoes look really great! Very cool that your WFs is doing Meatless Mondays. My WFs has one hot bar that is entirely vegan/vegetarian and it's awesome.

PB swirl ice cream with extra peanut butter makes me swoon.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!!

FF, I bequeath to you the Crisp Autumn Theme to use for your own blog after MoFo. Dont say I never did nuthin for ya.

Ingrid, well, i am assuming the WFs Mac & Cheese was vegan. Their leaving out the Pasta AND Spinach from the ingredients list gives me pause.

Unknown, the Meatless Monday hot entrees appeared all dairy free. The other entrees were Carrot Mashed Potatoes (which looked really bad) and Asparagus on Polenta (which also looked horrible! Like watery) I will check them out again next Monday. You must have the sharpest computer screen on the planet. Yes, it was the freezer burn part of the Ice Cream that was in focus. Glad you're covered on the Apples and Pickles front.

Sarah, the Homeycrisps are quite the workout. I always enjoy food that takes a long time to eat. Any unusual eats on your WFs Vegan Hot Bar?