Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday. September 8th

Cereal weather is back. Kashi Raisin Vineyard with Hemp Milk. Like dessert, as always...
Common Market Eggless Egg Salad for lunch...
Tofurky Kielbasa with Roasted Squash for dinner...
So Delicious Almond Milk Mocha Almond Fudge for dessert. Incredible! Highly recommend.
An excellent food day. I love when that happens. Bye for now.


Ingrid said...

Hooray for cereal! I like the addition of pickles to your eggless egg salad lunch. I was contemplating the Tofurky Kielbasa at the store this weekend, but wasn't feeling inspired menu wise.

Almond + fudge = yes.

Sarah said...

An excellent food day indeed! I've been craving cold cereal lately and after seeing your yummy bowl of cereal I know that tomorrow is the day :) Do you ever put fruit in your cereal? I LOVE cereal with banana. The eggless egg salad looks yummy and omg that ice cream! That looks amazing! The next time I treat myself to ice cream I'll have to look for that flavor.

Fairway is great but it is a specialty store and therefore very expensive. I still miss Wegmans :)

foodfeud said...

Three pickles! You go girl.
The roasted squash looks so pale. Is it just plain yellow summer squash?
Cereal is delicious, thanks for the reminder. I ought to check what's on sale.

Unknown said...

And here i was thinking cereal is an all weather food.... Was your kashi nice and ripe?
Love the pickles with the sandwich- somehow spears are better than whole pickles, maybe they soak up more of the yummy brine...
Looks like a flying saucer squash for dinner there- i think the proper name is patty pan, but they look like tasty UFOs.

Not IF but When you come to nyc we will always have some delicious bagels for you here. :))

Vegan In The VI said...

Hey Now!!!!

Ingrid, well, you might not have been inspired by the Kielbasa, but your pondering over potential recipe ideas just gave me an idea: Kielbasa and Sauerkraut! i will have to try it. Almond + Fudge + Mocha = YES!!!!!

Sarah, in my teen years I put Banana on my cereal, but these days, it's one or the other. Not both together. Definitely look for the Mocha Almond Fudge. it is Gluten Free. might be as good as the Cookie Dough, IMO.

FF, it was a White Patty Pan Squash. Surely they must have them at the Union Square Farmers Market. I ONLY buy cereal on sale. So expensive otherwise.

Unknown, guess I was thinking 'back to school' weather for the cereal. Not sure why I typed that. You ID'ed the Squash correctly! I hope you're right about my getting to NYC. I certainly have not been there enough in my life. Less than ten times I believe.