Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturday, March 15th

Got my favorite breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien this morning...
I decided to let LPQ make the rest of my day delicious as well. A bowl of Lentil Soup for dinner....
Half a Matcha Muffin for dessert....
Awesome food day. In fact, it will be impossible for tomorrow to be anywhere near as delicious, but I will try.


Sarah said...

I never even thought to videotape my kitty lapping up those olives. That would have been a great memory to have.

I have to agree, this is an amazing food day! I always love the look of the tofu scramble with the beautiful ripe avocado on top. The soup looks really great too! I really really want to try the matcha muffin, it sounds amazing. It would be a perfect St. Paddy's day treat I think :)

Ingrid said...

Oooh, an LPQ day! I've picky about lentils, and this soup looks quite appealing. And there is no competition for that breakfast plate; nothing but perfection there!

If tomorrow proves less delicious, I'll settle for a picture of an animal. ;)

Unknown said...

Delicious day!! The avocado should be standard issue with the scramble. If i could bare to look at soup anymore that lentil would be appealing- somehow those french people know their way around lentils.
And their lentil salad really is a good one- now whenever i make a lentil salad i add pesto. (I make my own so its cheese free and waaaay cheaper)

I was citibiking without a winter coat today! And no gloves!! Hope you had some sunshine too.


The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Sarah, hey! Thanks for the idea for having the Muffin tomorrow.

Ingrid, it has been a week since my last critter pic,
I'll try to get on it.

Unknown, you really OD'ed on Lentils. Have you seen that Joseph Gordon-Levitt flick 'Premium Rush' now on Encore. He bikes up and down Manhattan all day long as a courier.

Hannah said...

If you won the lottery, you could build an LPQ in your backyard.