Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday, March 28th

Same old for breakfast....
Lunch was at  'Chop't', a Salad place that emphasizes really chopping up your Salad into little bits. My 'Venice Beach Vegan' $10.29 Quinoa, Lemon Pepper Tempeh, Charred Broccoli, Red Onion and Sunflower Seeds chopped with Mesclun and Kale with Balsamic Vinaigrette was decent....
Though vegan-friendly, due to a number of reasons, I have no plans to return to this establishment. I don't believe that my absence will put much of a dent in their business....
Boca Chickn Patties with Roasted Asparagus for dinner....
A Roots Market Pecan Sandie for dessert...
100% different grub tomorrow. Bye for now.


Unknown said...

Not the same old- haven't seen the public banana in a while.
Oh, yes, Chop't is always a zoo- in nyc we can order online and then zip ahead to the pickup skipping the crazy waits. No tempeh at nyc chop't! There are lots of places like that here symphony is my favorite.
That's an impressive looking cookie, nice non chocolate dessert.
No mason lately, but my schedule has been wonky lately.

Ingrid said...

I'm curious to know these "number of reasons" and I'm wondering if Chop't is like Mad Greens. It sounds like a similar concept, and my salad was not impressive. I can do better at the salad bar at WF.

It is definitely asparagus season! Woo hoo!

blessedmama said...

Did you go there with Mom? That salad looks and sounds awesome? Why the lukewarm response?

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Unknown, my Chop't Salad was so chopped, I couldn't really detect much Tempeh. It reminded me of when I went to a Mongolian stir-fry place. So many steps/stations involved -- gathering, preparing, paying. The end product wasn't worth the effort.

Ingrid & Blessed Mama, yes, I was with Mom, as it was Friday. What I didn't like about Chop't:
1. as a first-timer, I didn't know where to go or how to order. not their fault, but the people behind the counter weren't making it any more apparent on where I should go or what I should do.
2. there were a lot of people (in front of the Salad-making counter and behind it) and many Salads being prepared at once, but I was responsible for keeping an eye on my Salads as they went down the prep line.
3. once the Salads were made I had to hold them and wait in another line to pay (my Mother was sitting at the table waiting).
4. I had to set the Salads down in cash register area where other people were trying to pay, so I could get my credit card out. seemed germy to have them exposed during that exchange.
5. and this is the biggest issue i had: there were no trays. I had to carry two Salads, two drinks and the 'bread' to our table.
6. the only fountain drinks were sodas. since i drink iced tea and my mother drinks lemonade, i could only buy these drink in little bottles (1.99/each). no refills for these, just for folks who want to drink soda.
7. if you don't ask for 'bread', they dont give it to you. i knew this ahead of time and asked for 'bread'. i should've taken a picture of it, because it was a tiny paper-thin piece of 'Pita'.
No, I definitely will not return.

Sarah said...

Ugh so annoying that Chop't was such a bad experience for you! The salad does look good but the experience does seem like a bit of a nightmare. You can get a good salad in many places that won't cause stress so it seems silly that they wouldn't be more interested in customer service.

On the plus side, yay for the return of the pecan sandie!!