Monday, November 4, 2013

WTF Monday

Quaker Oats Oatmeal Squares with hint of Cinnamon for Breakfast. I was surprised I chose to have this cereal for breakfast since it's so plain. Strange....
'Mixed Vegetables and Tofu' $8.95 from Loving Hut for lunch. I had picked up a couple of these to go last Saturday. Very easy to reheat on the stove top...
Speaking of easy, Fantastic Foods Sloppy Joes on TJ's WW Buns with Oven Fries for dinner. A great meal.
No dessert. I foresee WF's hot bar in my near future...


Sarah said...

No cuddling with fur children last weekend sadly. My absence was because my computer basically died last week... wouldn't turn on and I was scared I lost everything. Got it fixed today though thankfully everything is still here.

Anyway, you know I love a good Loving Hut meal. Looks great and I can definitely see how it would be a perfect meal to heat easily during the week. Bummer that the cereal is so bland though.

foodfeud said...

Wow, asleep by 8, huh? When do you wake up? Are you one of those people for whom the extra hour in the morning helps?
I never think to get extra portions of a meal to go while I'm there, but it's brilliant.

Unknown said...

Yeah, that cereal could use some blueberries or craisins.... Clever idea to get a few loving hut meals! There are definately some things that reheat better than others. Those sloppy joes look really authentic- although i really never had them as a kid. But messy food is always more fun :
My friend's sister had planned the shower, i am sure if my friend had done the planning there would have been more options. I actually had commisioned my mom to knit a little blanket from some organic yarns in an ivory chunky stitch with a delicate yellow crochet scallop edge.....she is a very dear old friend of mine, but yes, i needed the bloody marys to tolerate such things as guessing her waist measurement and rolling diapers to make a "cake"....!

Hannah said...

Are you sans microwave, like me?

Ingrid said...

The cereal has more of "slow burn" in terms of addiction; you will come back to it, despite it's plainness! :)

Delicious looking stir fry leftovers, they certainly kept well.

Speaking of dessert, I need to find a slice of seasonal pie soon. . .And speaking of WF hot bar, I noticed that Thanksgiving has already thrown up all over ours; nothing but stuffing, creamed everything, and animals.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Sarah, glad to hear you didn't lose anything on your PC. I never back up mine either.

FF, the pups get me up at 4:30am. The extra hour in the morning doesn't do anything for me, I need light at 5pm to do the barn chores. It's a rough time of year in terms of coming and going in the dark.

Unknown, that blanket sounds too precious to put near an infant. Thanks for sharing the shower details. You would be an extremely popular blogger with interesting tales like that.

Hannah, yes, I am sans microwave. Have never missed it.

Ingrid, I have no doubt I'll come back to the cereal. I'm thinking of converting to Quakerism next. My WF hot bar is very meat heavy as well, but I didn't let that deter me today. I wanted hot food dammit!