Saturday, November 23, 2013

Saturday, November 23rd

Breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien. 'Tofu Scrambler' $9.95 with a 'half' a side of Avocado for only $1.95. News flash: they said they do not want the glass jars back from the Chia Puddings. When you pay the $6.95 for the Pudding, you own the jar as well...
'Organic Lentil and Avocado Salad' $13.25 carried out for lunch. Arugula, Frisée, Raw Vegetables, Flax Seed, Chickpeas and Vinaigrette...
'Celeriac Soup' from The Randy Radish with LPQ Bread for dinner...
TJ's Raisin & Pecan Chocolate for dessert...
After breakfast, we picked up some carryout at Loving Hut. They have their Thanksgiving Day Menu posted (sorry for the glare)..
The high tomorrow is supposed to be 34 degrees. Will I brave the frigid temps to eat out?


Hannah said...

It snowed most of the day here. Sigh.

foodfeud said...

I guess you got the other half of the avo To Go for lunch. Looks like a beautiful salad.
When you get lunch takeout, do you order it at the same time you order breakfast? Or when the server asks if you if there's anything else?
*Desperately looking in the glare for a reflection of yr face*

Ingrid said...

This was an elegant food day. Beautiful scrambler and salad. Avocado makes everything better. Do you know what was in that vinaigrette? I'm guessing something citrusy.

The soup looks so smooth and delicious. Tomorrow sounds like hot food weather. If you leave or stay, no salad - just hot stew, soup, or platter.

And you're welcome, we've been cold all week, and we're kicking out the last of it over tomorrow and Monday - so you can expect that soon. ;)

blessedmama said...

You definitely got your good fats today from the avocados. Are you for sure going to Loving Hut?

Sarah said...

Wow, what beautiful food you enjoyed today. Colorful and fresh. The tofu scramble looks perfect as always. They definitely had some nice avocados on hand today because that one looks perfect. The salad is so pretty and vibrant. Definitely a great choice for lunch! Your soup is very elegant as well. Some beautiful food on this chilly Saturday :)

So does this mean you are going to Loving Hut for Thanksgiving. I want some corn chowder now thanks to that menu, ha! The sweet potatoes with pecans sounds really great too. Mmmm.

Unknown said...

Today was amazing!!
The half portion of avocado looks pretty generous with the scramble. Smart call to get lunch there too- that lentil salad is one of the few salads i'll buy (i usually order stuff i can't/won't make at home). The celeriac soup looks great, and with good crusty dipping bread too!
The thanksgiving menu looks great- i wonder if they will have pies for dessert......?
I'm heading to a gathering at a friend's for thanksgiving, which i love/hate- the, um, spectacle at the center of the table is always sad.

foodfeud said...

At yr favorite Busboys & Poets!
She isn't even making a stop in NY for the tour, so VA has that over us... Go!

Vegetarian Grub Girl said...

What a great day of food! LPQ for the win!

That scramble looks delicious as always and the salad looks incredible!

I wish I could try that soup! It looks really tasty!

I went to trader joes yesterday and saw that chocolate and thought about you! Unfortunately I didn't buy it because I already have some chocolate at home that I haven't touched for quite some time!

The Loving hut menu sounds delicious! I hope you get some of their assorted desserts! I'm sure they will be amazing!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Hannah, I think I'd rather have snow than bitter cold. At least you have something to show for the suffering.

FF, ha, I order the LPQ carryout after I finish breakfast. The 'to go' area is at a separate counter where I can study the desserts while I wait. I drunk posted a self portrait a few weeks ago, but sobered up in time to take it down before too many folks saw it.

Ingrid, you saying my food ain't always elegant?! I've inquired about the LPQ Vinaigrette a few times, but it remains a mystery. Thanks so much for this delightful weather!

Blessed Mama, I'm just getting carryout from Loving Hut. It's almost like your Blessed Family Thanksgiving where each Blessing can put in their order and actually get it.

Sarah, I'm getting carryout for T'giving to bring to my mother's. You gonna be with Delilah? I hope she's all decked out in one of her fancy dresses with big bows in her hair.

Unknown, I am sorry you have to be around that at Thanksgiving. I will be, too. So sick. You are bringing your Roasted Whole Cauliflower to share?

FF, that does sound like a neat event. I would go, but I don't want to steal Isa's thunder.

VGG, that's what happens when you blog long enough. Certain food and drink make you think of other bloggers. Like I still haven't found that Amy's Orange Cake.