Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday, September 4th

Lunch was the Tofu Scrambler $11 at Cafe Nola. Roasted Potatoes on the side.We sat at the bar and I noticed they have those infused liquors -- the topic of recent blogger conversation. This is just a third of the varieties on display and they were pretty popular. Especially the Tomato Vodka for the Bloody Marys.
I started to make this Chili yesterday. Upon reading the directions, I discovered that it required soaking of the beans overnight. (As you can see, 'Crystal' put together the bag of Beans & Spices. Gives it a personal touch).
This was my first time soaking beans overnight. Previously, I've only soaked beans for sprouting.
The Beans did absorb a lot of water, so it was probably necessary to soak them. The rest of the recipe required sauteeing Onions, Garlic & Green Pepper...
....then, after three hours of simmering, adding 32 ounces of Diced Tomatoes. Don't ask! It was a whole big thing. The most labor intensive Chili I've ever made. On Labor Day Weekend no less. Thankfully, It turned out pretty well. Very spicy and beany.
WF's Vegan Apple Pie for dessert.
Can't wait not to get up at 4:45am tomorrow. Thanks for visiting the blog.


Molly said...

Mike would drool if he saw that chili. It's one of his favorite meals.

You get up at 4:45?!? I thought I got up early!

xvavaveganx said...

Wow, I thought I was an early riser! Wow! Hopefully the chili was worth all of the effort? That lunch/brunch looks amazing, and that pie! I love how your pup has become the official produce inspector ;)

foodfeud said...

Yeah, wth with the 4:45?
The chili looks great - what are long (extra long in your slacking case) weekends for except cooking for the week?
Habanero Garlic vodka sounds pretty wild. I wonder what you'd mix that with. There's a vegan bar around here that makes 4 different kinds of Bloody Marys - I wonder if any of them are infused.

Health Seeker's Kitchen said...

Your chili looks soooo....good. I loved reading your post!

Miss Rachel said...

That chili looks and sounds delicious. My dog likes (some) vegetables too, but he usually only gets them if they fall to the floor, not served up on a plate. Happy Labor Day to you!

Rose said...

4:45?? Yikes!

Actually, I used to get up really early when I worked in bakeries; it's not so bad when you're headed to a place with warm ovens and cinnamon rolls.

That chili looks so good, definitely worth the effort.

Some of those vodka flavors sound interesting. I'd have to try the habanero garlic one for sure.

Jessica said...

Once I tried to make my the "s" in my name the same way Crystal does. Didn't last long, but sure brings back the memories...

4:45? No wonder you've always posted your supper before I've had a chance to think of what I'm having. Hope you had a great day -- and that the chili is good enough for all the leftovers your magic fridge can keep good for a month!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Molly, didn't you say Mike does all the cooking? He should check out this Chili!

VaVa, 'produce inspector' is correct. I'm pretty sure there was only sniffing going on, maybe a little licking, no eating.

FF, Habanero Garlic Vodka would mix well with lots of alone time.

Deb, thanks! This post was unusual in that it took place over two days time. Quite the narrative it was.

Miss Rachel, it took me a while to understand your comment;-) My pup is just posing, she's not eating. Although, it would be great if the pups were all raw vegans.

Rose, the only thing better than getting up and driving into work in the dark is coming home in the dark as well.

Jessica, those are some gangsta 'S's ain't they? Fortunately, my sister, Crystal, knows how to put together a bag of Beans and Spice Packet. Thanks for the kind wishes. I should post about our beddy bye times, it would be hilarious.

Jenny said...

So you get up that early every morning? I'm dying, getting up at 7. (whiny me) Well, I guess I'm going to have to make some chili now, too.