Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday, September 19th

I was stuck in traffic for an extra hour this morning, so I had time to both photograph and eat my breakfast --> a very juicy Pear and a Raw Bar (the bar was strange in that it was sorta oily, but also good in that it killed time).
Some Indian stuff off the hot bar at WF's. This was mediocre. Thankfully, the pups ate a good bit of it for dinner when I got home.
Spaghetti and TJ's Meatless Meatballs for dinner.
A Half Baked Truffle for dessert.
I am several days behind on checking out everyone's blogs, so I hope to catch up on WTF Wednesday. Please don't think me rude. (Ha! Reminds me of Austin Powers! It was not me, it was my food. It just popped up to say 'hello!' and now it's gone back down below!)


xvavaveganx said...

Haha nice Austin Powers reference! ;) So we finally get to see breakfast! Did you like the bar? I'm always interested in new bars, especially raw ones. The pear looks amazing and I used to love meatless meatballs before I had to cut gluten. It is funny because I NEVER ate spaghetti and meatballs when I was omni but I loved the vegan meatballs :) Have you ever had spaghetti squash? So good!

Yay for the truffles! :)

Isobelle said...

Could you taste much of the Spirulina in that raw bar?

Rose said...

Haha, I love the image of you diligently photographing for the blog while stuck in traffic.

Glad to see the return of spaghetti and meatless balls!

foodfeud said...

I used to eat those Raw Rev bars a lot but the oiliness got to be too much for me. They are pretty delicious, though. Nice pear too - but bummer about the traffic! That'd drive me crazy.

Anonymous said...

The green raw revolution bar is really slimy/oily. I like the cashew agave one though, it's flavor makes up for the oil. I kinda blot them off, haha. I highly recommend ProBars. The art's blend, koka moka, and super berry are all delicious. They are definitely a total meal replacement :)
It's always disappointing when you pay $8/lb at the hot bar and the food isn't good. I am guilty of only buying chicken fried tofu from the WF hot bar. OOPS. That half-baked tuffle looks delicious!

Jenny said...

It's hard for me to eat a bar of any kind. I mean, I will in a pinch, if there are no other options. I just love the taste of food food so much, it's hard for me to waste calories on a bar.

I'm glad you explained your rudeness. We were all talking about it.

Michelle said... do eat breakfast. :o)
You and FF...I can't believe you two still have truffles left. That just amazes me!
I'm so glad the pups got to enjoy some of your lunch for their dinner. I bet they enjoyed it!

Carissa said...

I wanna try that bar! Spirulina is so good for you. I have it in smoothies almost every day.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

VaVa, woah! Manic much? A lot packed into one paragraph there! Do rethink kicking the caffeine addiction.

Isobelle, I recognize your name from other bloggers comments sections. May I call you 'Isotope'? It would really make me happy.

Rose, I felt pretty proud of myself while multitasking behind the wheel. Also, so pleased when Mr. SV makes dinner. Such a relief!

FF, traffic in the DC region is soul crushing. You're so lucky you still have a soul!!!!

Lacey, "slimey"?! Gah! Guess I wont be eating the other RR bar I bought!

Jenny, I'm with you on the 'bars as food' thing. Sometimes vegan blogger peer pressure gets to me and I buy & eat bars. Also, let me know what I did that was rude so I can enjoy it too.

Michelle2, what? are you popping the truffles like M&Ms? What is happening down there?

Carissa, hey, you're literally surrounded by millions of miles of free Spirulina! Good for Baby!

Isobelle said...

It depends. Can I call you shenanigans or something? I think that it would fit you pretty well.

Isotope reminds me of Jimmy Neutron. But whatever floats your boat, I guess.

Molly said...

I just had a meatball sandwich for lunch today! Like vava, I never cared for omni meatballs but love vegan ones.

That's weird that the bar was oily. That probably would have turned me off of it.