Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday, September 26th

Coconut Curry Cabbage on Rice (this was not good, it grosses me out just to post it, worse yet, I had to wait around almost ten minutes for a WF's employee to verify it was vegan, but I keep it real so here it is)
plus some Asian Tofu for lunch.
Kombucha overlow. How often has this happened to you? It happened to me again today, so I thought I'd relate how Mr. SV recently contacted GT's to ask why his Kombucha so often overflows. They responded immediately and explained that Explosive Kombucha indicates the Tea is not as fresh as non-Explosive. I would've thought it would be just the opposite. Anyway, thought someone out there might be interested. For scientific purposes, this was a Botanic #3, not a Spirulina.
Rose heralded the arrival of Field Roast Frankfurters a couple weeks ago and they finally made it to my WF's today. Guess they walked all the way here from Seattle, ha. $5.79 for a package of eight.
Field Roast Franks and Wegman's Kansas City Baked Beans for dinner. These were great, but I need to revisit the Tofurky Franks before I decide on a definitive favorite.
The Franks were substantially bigger and more filling that usual Tofu Dogs, so no dessert tonight. I had a couple bites of an Endangered Species Bar after lunch anyway, so I'm not too deprived.

Hey, Cyber Buds, my favorite Marinara Sauce is Wegman's Mushroom Marinara. What's your's?


Molly said...

That stinks that the curry dish wasn't good. The Asian tofu looks like it might have made up for it, though.

I don't really have a favorite marinara sauce. I haven't met one I didn't like!

xvavaveganx said...

I was thinking the exact same thing Molly! The tofu dish looks delicious. Those hot dogs definitely look more substantial that ones you've posted in the past.

I don't have a favorite marinara because I don't eat it often at all, but I can say that I definitely prefer a more savory sauce over sweet.

Stacy said...

I have to say that curry does not look up to your usual standards. Tomorrow is another day, though.

foodfeud said...

That is interesting about the Kombucha! Nice of Mr. SV to sleuth around like that. It used to happen to me a lot more often than it does now. Have you seen the ones with chia seeds in them yet?? I drank one the other day and it was so weird!!

Ingrid Improves said...

I did see those Field Roast Franks at WF, but I have a small goldmine of Gardein options in the freezer, so I resisted the urge to sample.

A favorite sauce. . .that's a tough one - I have a few. However, I did pick up a jar of Garlic and Something-or-other Prego over the weekend. That choice was made based on a sale price. I'm surprised about Giada's sauce being #1 - might have to try it!

Rose said...

Yeah, the curry looks a bit suspect. The tofu looks stellar though. I would think that the more carbonation, the more fermentation and hence more alcohol...bonus in my book.

So the frankfurters arrived in West!

Carissa said...

Haha, I actually had a lady at the health food store near where I live tell me that they have actually had synergy spontaneously explode on the shelf before.

Michelle said...

Sorry the cabbage wasn't good, but I bet that yummy looking Asian tofu made up for it.

Kombucha overflow happens to me almost every time I drink it. Interesting as to what their answer was. I would have thought the opposite also.

Those frankfurters look so good. I'll have to be on the look out for those the next time I make it to Whole Foods.

My favorite marinara sauce is Newman's with yumminess! :o)

Rachel said...

Love me some wegman's brand sauces. Good ole basil garlic does it for me.

So I bought kombucha once. Then I let it sit in my fridge cuz I was scared of it. It got stringy strands of blech (which is apparently good) and when I opened it and smelled it I couldn't convince myself to taste it. So I let it sit longer, hoping to grow some cahones. I didn't. It ended up going down the sink.

BUT, I'd like to be open to it. So how does it taste, REALLY?

Get Skinny, Go Vegan. said...

HATE if something at WF isn't good. The prices are slightly crazy. Presentation is always nice, sometimes taste doesn't live up to it!

I don't eat a lot of marinara and our favorite is the cheapest organic one, and oil free which is probably one of the WF jars. Lots contain sugar & oil so we get whatever kinds don't.

LOVE raw marnara too, but it's not like I live in a house with a massive stock of sundried tomatoes. So.....

Weiners look good! You know how much I LOVE substantial weiners!

Jessica said...

Wonder what drew you to that cabbage enough to have it inspected. I like cabbage, but coconut? Not sure I can imagine that one.

Interesting marinara list. I'm impressed Prego made it up so high! My favorite is my own. Sorry, I'm trying to ensure my Mr. doesn't trade me in for a short south Philly Italian girl once we move back.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Molly, you even like Ragu? To me that is the bottom of the barrel. That's what I grew up with.

Vava, thanks! The Tofu dish was very good. It is a common item at our local WF's just like the Sesame Tofu appears to be common at your's.

Stacy, today wasn't up to my usual standards either. Drastic measures will soon need to be taken to ensure I start eating 100% delicious again.

FF, I have a bottle of the Chia Seed drink in my fridge right now. Afraid to taste it, probably like others are afraid to taste Kombucha for the first time.

Ingrid, a Gardein stockpile in the freezer is like a cache of gold, and Prego would be my #2 choice.

Rose, I am embarrassed I ate two Franks when you only ate one. Didn't realize how hefty they were. I feel so unladylike.

Carissa, the possibility of the bottles exploding seems like unnecessary scare tactics. I'd avoid that store till the baby comes.

Michelle2, well now I'm starting to wonder if Mr. SV misunderstood what the GT's rep told him. I will try the Newmans' Own. Your recs have worked out well for me in the past.

Rachel, what'd your sink ever do to you? Anyway, fear not, Kombucha is the deinition of 'refreshing'. Plus, it's good to strengthen your gag reflex.

Skinny *ss, a big heavy weiner is always preferred.

Jessica, I thought Coconut Curried Cabbage sounded good. What do I know? Oh, right, I actually do know something: that no South Philly girl will ever tolerate Alex's penchant for scaling buildings and living next door to Mommy.

Jenny said...

I have never eaten a sauce I didn't like, either. I usually just buy 365 brand because it's the least expensive organic one. And I think it's the eggplant one I usually pick because maybe it has the least calories?