Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Mega Post

I went to Big Lots today for the first time in many months, and while I was away, a lot of cool things have hit the shelves:
Alicia got me into drinking green tea, so I stocked up on that:
Lunch was a big salad...
I'm finally comfortable posting about the Granola Bars I've been taking for breakfast.
First off, I have a dedicated flax grinder (a coffee mill just for flax):
The ground Flax is mixed with Agave Nectar & Sea Salt and stirred into the Almonds, Coconut and Cranberries (instead of Apricots)...
To avoid sticking to the pan, I use parchment paper when baking. I still can't get them to cut cleanly, so I just break off a chunk when needed and they are deeeeelicious!
Baby Buff graciously agreed to pose for my mega post.
An Almond Butter and Banana Sandwich for dinner...
and a bottle of Charles Shaw Shiraz.


Zoa said...

This is a mega post! So these are your pets - a big white dog and a little buff one? Nice! Love almond butter...better than peanut butter in my opinion, but surprisingly sometimes others do not agree.

foodfeud said...

Yay a breakfast!
That salad looks badass and I love seeing people's grocery hauls.
Super mega post.

dirtyduck said...

excellent post! i was at big lots today also after not being there for a long time!!! walter was with me so it was a short trip:) you got some great stuff my friend!! that veggie broth will come in handy for lots of stuff...especially(maybe) this thanksgiving! that baking chocolate was neat looking, and it was organic too i think..i need to look again.

those bars are a brilliant idea!!! so simple i can do that!!!

puppy models omgosh! that lab has just got the funniest, cutest face ever. i love him!!!and that chihuahua...ugh you are so lucky!! SO lucky!!! i thought i "found" a teeny chi on my walk the other day, grr to bad i knocked on the right door and his prents claimed him:) hopefully nobody like me lives close to you...*laughs*

Rose said...

So many goodies! That salad look awesome btw.

I love your flax grinder mascot...does he guard he grinder to make sure no one adulterates it grinding anything else?

Cute, cute, cute doggy faces!

Those granola bars look and sound deeelicious, just to quote a wise lady I know.

Jessica said...

I like your "about me" - did you just update it? Also, I can't see your title over your photograph anymore.

Thanks for sharing the granola. I should start making my own bars. Maybe I will if I can get a dog who grinds flax.

I applaud your choice of salad dressing. I just got over my fear of tahini and fell in love with goddess dressing. I have read that the TJ's version is the same as Annie's. My tastebuds aren't that discerning and I believe what I read.

The Health Seeker's Kitchen said...

You found some great items at Big Lots! I am going to have to check it out. I love your cute dogs posing in your pictures:) Also, the granola bars look really delicious and easy-I am going go give the a try. I enjoyed your "Saturday Mega Post".

Michelle said...

Man, I haven't been to big lots in forever....looks like I need to go check out what new things they have here.

Your babies are soooo cute!

Those granola bars sound excellent!

I love almond butter and banana...I mash mine up all together though. :o)

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hello, Ladies & Germ!

Zoe, yes, we have three dogs, seven cats and a backyard flock of chickens & guineas. I've only recently come around to the AB. Didn't understand the cult till this latest jar.

FF, I like see other's grocery hauls as well. I'm always staring at the food in people's carts at the store.

Michelle1, I can only shop at Big Lots solo. Mr. SV has no patience for that place. The lines at checkout are quite daunting. There have been times, I've waited half an hour just to buy a box of crackers.

Rose, he's my best friend. He also patrols the kitchen when I cook just in case something falls on the floor.

Jessica, yes, I took away the title because I don't think it's right to broadcast what sites one is looking at. I'm a very private person don't you know. The 'about me' keeps changing. One day I'll figure out how to update my profile.

Deb, glad you enjoyed the post. Speaking of which, it's been a while since you last posted. I still have your Fried Rice w/Flax Seed 'eggs' on my mind. Hopefully, this week.

Michelle2, I never thought of mashing up the naners with the buttah! Isn't vegan blogging great????

Carissa said...

You totally scored at Big Lots! Lots of organic stuff too, awesome! I love the pics of your pups too :)

Anonymous said...

After reading your post, I was inspired to head to my local Big Lots today for some goodies. I find the most interesting things there. I'll blog about it later this week, but I found different things than you did. Except the Wolfgang Puck broth, I was VERY happy to find that!

dirtyduck said...

really? the place is that busy? not to bad here..maybe cuz there is really nobody really here.... im jsut getting into ab also, at first i didnt really like it that much.