Friday, November 12, 2010

Not So Freaky Friday

Lunch was the Chopped Greek Salad (sans feta) at Legal Seafood.
Not too exciting but I did enjoy this English Sparrow who is apparently stuck living in the mall. He/she enjoyed a few bits of bread I tossed at him/her.
Smart Dogs and TJ's Gigantic White Beans for dinner.
No dessert again! I have so much willpower! A bottle of Charles Shaw Shiraz was imbibed.


dirtyduck said...

"stuck" living at the mall? doesnt sound to bad:) did you try stufing her in your purse? did you go to macys??...that legal place was in the food court? it looks really nice for FC fare.

Rose said...

Cute sparrow! I hope he/she knows a secret way in/out.

I love the look of those gigante beans, and good job in the no dessert thing.

Zoa said...

Love the sparrow. IMO they're smarter than they appear. I used to go to a coffee shop built literally around a tree and the sparrows were always flying in and out and getting caught inside. One time I remember being in there and a customer calmly just reached up and caught it in the air in her hands, took it outside, and let it go. It was, like, a magical moment for I think quite a few of us who were there at the time.

Jessica said...

I love Fridays out to lunch. You do such a better job than I would going out with my coworkers (who are 1,000 miles away). At least in my imagination you are going out with coworkers... I won't worry about you until the wine stops.

Dianne said...

yay (sort of) for no dessert! Let's be strong together!

Jenny said...

Way to be strong!

blessedmama said...

Why the will power? I eat my desserts vicariously through you!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hello, Ladies!!!

Michelle!, I do hope the little bird knows a way out of the mall. I was sitting right next to Macy's but didn't go in. It's not a food court per se, but it is eating open air in the mall.

Rose, you and me both! I don't recall you ever posting about Trader Joes. You must have one near you?

Zoa, the little bird was quite clever hanging around the restaurant. Don't know if you have English Sparrows & Starlings up in the great white north, but they are invasive species brought over from guess where?! England. Through no fault of their own.

Jessica, when the wine stops...gosh...I don't even want to think about that...

Dianne & Jenny, I have no clue how I'm doing this (skipping dessert) It's very bizarre.

Blessed Mama, how ironic! It's your Chocolate Pecan Bars that are all I want. If only I could keep them from Mr. SV. No sooner do I make them than he devours them.