Monday, October 18, 2010

Tofu Two Ways -- Ma Po & Faux

Lunch was Ma Po Tofu and a Spring Roll from PF Changs...
Dinner was another faux tuna/chicken? salad sandwich, just like last night.
Quick story: When we moved into our current home ten years ago, one of the first things I planted was Saffron. Like most of the seeds and bulbs I've planted, it never came up and I forgot about it.
This afternoon, I noticed a pretty purple color in the back yard and assumed it was just a fallen leaf reflecting the sun. Well, upon further investigation, lo and behold:
A single little flower had blossomed right where I had planted the bulbs so many years ago. Quelle surprise!

A bottle of Matthew Fox Shiraz was also enjoyed...


Jessica said...

Ooh, bbq chips and pickles on the side. Yum.

How neat about the saffron! Yet another thing I have used and seen packaged and have no idea how it comes to be.

foodfeud said...

Reap that! Saffron is so expensive! Where did you ever find seeds??

The Health Seeker's Kitchen said...

Oh, that PF Changs Ma Po Tofu is looking sooo....good right now. The Saffron flower is so beautiful. What a fun surprise:)

Rose said...

That tofu always looks so good!

Very cool about the saffron. Hopefully, there's more to come. You'll have to collect the little threads from that one and use them in a special meal.

LittleHouseofVeggies said...

I think I hacve said this before but the Ma Po Tofu from Pf changs is the BOMB DIGGITY! So good! I love me som Ma Po. :) Crazy that your saffron flower is growing after all those years!

Michelle said...

That PF Changs looks so good!!!
That's so cool that the saffron is finally coming up...such a pretty flower!!! That's another thing that I haven't used yet.

sara said...

matthew fox shiraz? the dude from lost makes wine now?

ma po tofu was my fave dish when i worked at a chinese restaurant ages ago...until i found out they put minced pork in it! so pf changs has a vegan version? RAD!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hello, Ladies and Germ!!!!

FF, I ordered the Saffron bulbs from a catalog (hard copy if I recall) ten years ago.

Rose, I've never used Saffron before. I will look for a recipe tomorrow.

Deb & Michelle, my mother & I enjoy dining at PF Changs together as well;-)

Michelle, have you been cryogenically frozen for the last 20 years? What is the deal with you?

Sara, I, too, thought it was Matthew Fox from 'Lost' who had a vineyard. So hot! But, no. Just a random name, no relation. Yes, PF Chang's Ma Po Tofu is completely vegan.