Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day Eight

None of the soups du jour at Whole Foods were vegan, but I saw something new on the salad bar -- Vegan Chicken Salad. It was dried out on top, obviously no one wanted any. I excitedly slapped over a half pound in my container and got a loaf of bread so I could make a sandwich back at the office.
Bad move. Eating a half pound of Vegan Chicken Salad left me feeling very ill and gross. After some time spent in the restroom I came back to my desk and my co-worker says, "Are you okay???? I was thinking maybe you fell in!" Gee thanks for your concern.

Grapes were the only food item I could think of having for dinner to try and counter act the effects of lunch. Were it not for Vegan Mofo, this pathetic story would not be known.

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Vegan Epicurean said...

Was the morale of this story don't get the vegan chicken salad at Whole Foods, or don't eat a half pound? Just wondering.

Sorry the chicken salad and you didn't get along.

Feel better,