Saturday, February 7, 2015

Saturday, February 7th

Well, wouldn't you know, today's Wrap was just so-so. Too much faux Chorizo and not enough Tofu. Better luck tomorrow....
Saw something new at Whole Foods today. Might buy a tub or two when the price drops...
Mr. SVegetarian went through Warrenton today and stocked up on Black Bear Bistro Chili. I enjoyed a bowl tonight with a slice of Randy Radish Cornbread...
Tomorrow might be more interesting. Bye for now.


Sarah said...

Oh no! A lackluster TFK wrap?! We can't have that. The cream cheese looks interesting, I like that they have a chive flavor. I'm so picky about vegan cream cheese but I'd love to know what you think when the price goes down (that is so expensive!). I hated the Daiya one, I thought it was so gross. Dinner looks great, the chili looks so hearty!

Hopefully your Sunday wrap will be much better!

Ingrid said...

Imperfect meals makes me slightly relieved - it means they are shipping them in pre-made by a robot. Hooray for human error! Hopefully the wrap station cook will be someone else tomorrow.

I saw the Kite Hill Nut Cheese, and thought the same thing.

Unknown said...

Hhhm. They gotta fix the wrap! Hopefully that was just a bizarre mistake.
That does look like a good cheese spread but definitely expensive.... Sometimes i think they add another $3 to the item because its labeled as vegan. Any minute i'll see "vegan carrots" for $4 instead of $2 i swear.
Great that the Mr was able to secure good chili!

The kitties sound so well cared for! I want a heated hut to hide from the cold too!!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!!

Sarah, such a shame the Daiya Cream Cheese is so bad, but somebody out there must like it since they keep making it. Trader Joe's brand suits me just fine, Plus it is only $2.49/tub!

Ingrid, you are right -- each meal being different is a good thing. I didnt see Kite Hill Nut Cheese. Probably too fancy for me anyway.

Unknown, I thought of you when I saw the Kite Hill Cream Cheese cuz you are Ms. Almond Milk. How was the Pomelo? Didnt find any Pistachio Butter this weekend.