Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday, February 25th

A Hazelnut Flute from Le Pain Quotidien for breakfast. Basically, the 'Flute' is a Raisin & Hazelnut Bagel in the shape of a stick. Took about 20 minutes of gnawing to ingest, however, I enjoy a challenge on occasion.
A Veggie Burrito Bowl from Chipotle for lunch...followed by a package of Snyder's Pretzels from the vending machine.
Recently, I bought two Hazelnut Cranberry Field Roasts En Croute on sale for $9 each. So have fun seeing me consume these two Roasts over the next few weeks. Tonight, I enjoyed several slices with Imagine Mushroom Gravy and Fingerling Potatoes for dinner.
No dessert. WFH grub tomorrow.


Ingrid said...

Wait, wait - Field Roast on sale for only $9?! Where was this?! I've said I'd only try it if it was a good price, so here your chance to have me on team Hazelnut Cranberry.

I've been thinking it's time to return to Chipotle. Looks good.

xvavaveganx said...

That hazelnut flute looks really good. Was it really chewy and that's why it took so long to eat? The Chipotle bowl looks delicious. Food you get on sale tastes better I think ;) Those fingerling potatoes look so delicious! I love roasted fingerlings and TJs teeny tiny taters :)

Anonymous said...

Was the flute worth the effort it took to eat it? It certainly looks good.

That's a great deal on the Field Roast!

Miss Rachel said...

A good 20 minutes of gnawing can be enjoyable. Just ask a dog.

Are you keeping up on The Bachelor? Can you believe how many times they say "amazing" on that show?! Sheesh, find a new word already.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!

Ingrid, oh now I feel terrible. The Field Roast was on sale at The Common Market in Frederick, Maryland for $9/box. I'm so sorry! Maybe next winter you can splurge? I do promise it is worth $20.

VaVa, I guess 'chewy' could be a word to describe the Hazelnut Flute. A better word might be 'tough'.

Molly, ha! It was a bit of a workout to eat The Flute, but it got my blood flowing so it woke me up for the morning.

Miss Rachel, the whole point of 'The Bachelor' is to take a sip of your alcoholic beverage every time someone says 'amazing'. I'm sorry you weren't aware of that. Also, you could take a drink every time Sean says he is 'crazy' for this girl or that girl. Same level of intoxication will be achieved.