Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday, October 25th

Lunch was from Lotus Vegetarian. 'Vege-Chicken with Cashews & Spring Roll' $8.50 - Diced Soy Protein sauteed with Sugar Peas, Zucchini, Organic Carrots, Jicama, White Mushrooms and Cashew Nuts in Brown Sauce. Alas, they left out the Soy Protein, but it was still pretty tasty.
Gardein Stuffed Turk'y and Roasted Brussel Sprouts for dinner.
Plum Pie for dessert.
Coming up tomorrow: WTFing usually means Hummus.


Ingrid Improves said...

Lotus really knows how to do a vegan good. The closest to vegan-friendly tasty Chinese comes from my kitchen, which isn't saying much.

I do believe I'm brussel sprout-ed out; they've been making a regular appearance lately, might have to take a break!

Stacy said...

Eff that!!! How can they deny you your rightful soy protein?!?

foodfeud said...

Left the soy protein out of a soy protein dish, huh? At least it looks like the plums made it into the plum pie.

xvavaveganx said...

I want to eat your dinner...for my dinner. Mmmm. Bummer about the soy protein but the dish still looks good!

blessedmama said...

Left out the soy protein! Alas is right! At least you ended the day with a sweet lookin' piece of pie.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Ingrid, I thought Colorado was more forward-thinking in terms of vegetarianism/healthy living.

Stacy, is it really my right to one specific ingredient when the restaurant did manage to assemble all the other ingredients in the dish? I don't know!

FF, I'm pretty proud of my coping mechanism in this situation. It has made me a better person.

VaVa, on the bright side: the dish was still good without the Soy Protein, so I guess that is a compliment to the dish...?

Blessed Mama, yep. No Soy Protein. At all. To be found. Why couldn't they have left out the Jicama or Zucchini instead? Why??

Stacy said...

I think if they call it vege-chicken then yes, you do have a right to soy protein. I said it.

kimberly said...

mmmm! the chinese looks good. i might try to talk my mom into our local chinese restaurant today...you've implanted the idea in my head!