Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday, October 7th

Breakfast was at Busboys and Poets. Tofu Scramble with Home Fries & Vegan Sausage $8.95.
A mid morning Coffee Drink from Bourbon Coffee. Drinking this made me feel like VaVa -- 5'2" tall and lookin' to kick *ss.
Crispy Burger from Loving Hut for lunch.
Why start eating healthfully at this point? American Flatbread Pizza for dinner.
Pretty darn enjoyable.


foodfeud said...

Were you off today? It WAS one of your .1% days! Nice breakfast, nice looking dinner too.

Molly said...

We had pizza for dinner, too. Mighty tasty.

That tofu scramble looks extremely tasty. You certainly have a lot of great restaurants there!

Rose said...

I'm sensing that you were a lady of leisure today. That breakfast looks like a great way to start it...always begin in the same manner as you intend to continue, I say. It all looks thoroughly enjoyable. Happy Weekend, Shen.

Michelle said...

I've been wanting tofu scramble bad lately, and Yours looks great!
That coffee drink looks mighty yummy too.
That pizza looks so good. I wanted pizza tonight, but we went out for Mexican.... My other fav!
Love the pooch pic too. :0)

xvavaveganx said...

HAAAAAHAHAHA! RIght on with that coffee!! I was totally kicking *ss today too ;) Great meals today! Breakfast looks AMAZING as does the Loving Hut meal AND the pizza. Lots of yumminess today!

Carissa said...

That pizza looks good and so does the tofu scramble. I haven't had that in a while!

Isobelle said...

haha, oh dear.
I really enjoy reading your blog, Shen.

Alessandra said...

So the dog got the pizza box eh!


Stacy said...

That scramble does indeed look delightful!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!!

FF, what was wrong with the way my lunch looked?

Molly, we have a few good restaurants. Not a lot. I just happen to make the few good ones that we do have look extra special good.

Poophoog, Happy Weekend to you as well!

Michelle2, I haven't had Mexican in ages. Must make up for that.

VaVa, that huge *ss Coffee Drink made me feel like a total bad *ss. I could tell people were jealous of me while I strutted around with it.

Carissa, Tofu Scramble sometimes takes a back seat to other vegan goodies. Not right.

Isotope, well sure ya do. What else do you have to do?

Alessandra, yep, she saw a photo op and went for it. Glad when she earns her keep.

Stacy, it was tasty. Unfortunately, the service sucked, so that took it's toll. But you know me, I hate to be negative.

Jenny said...

I forgot I was going to order one of those flatbreads on my last online purchase.

Rachel said...

What'd you think of the B&P tofu scramble? I wasn't the biggest fan... (I had it at the one in Shirlington).

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Rachel, it is not the best Tofu Scramble, but I feel they make up for it with Presentation and Potatoes. Points detracted for so-called 'service'. One day soon maybe B&P will get some Tofu Scramble/Vegan Sausage competition. We can only hope.

kimberly said...

i want that coffeeeeeee.