Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday, October 23rd

It was a Bocalicious day: My Boca Burger $7.95 at Mom's Place for lunch.

My Boca Chick'n Patties for dinner. The 'Pea Shoots' were picked up at the farmers market yesterday $5.
I also picked up a Plum Pie from the folks at 1st Avenue Bakery. $15
According to the vendor and the ingredients, it's vegan. (Moments earlier, we were quite unnerved by The Boy Muffin Makers hawking 'gluten free/dairy free' muffins that upon further inspection turned out to be made with lard).
I sure hope this pie is actually vegan cuz I ate at big piece tonight. It was fantastic. Worthy of all the blue ribbons.
I really didn't mean for this to be a post predominately about Plum Pie, just want to show how pretty it was.


Stacy said...

The cut pattern on those carrots (first pic) is unsettling, but I do think that (unless that bakery is flagrantly lying to you) the pie. is. vegan.
What is the dressing on the pea shoots, per chance?

Molly said...

The pie is gorgeous! I've never had plum pie, but I know I'd love it.

foodfeud said...

What do muffin makers know about pie anyway? What do boys know about anything!
Looks gorgeous. I hope it's vegan too.

Ingrid Improves said...

Holy boca-liciousness, Batman!

Well done on the pea shoots, as well. Our farmer's markets are closed after next weekend, which is really a shame. Although, I do have a back up plan (more on that later).

The plum pie deserved all the attention you gave it!

Isobelle said...

Two types of burgers in one day! woooo

And yeah I agree, the plum pie deserves all the attention. It's very pretty! And plums are one of my favourite fruits.

The ingredient list just says "sugar" though. I would be worried about that, just because of the white sugar thing. Unless you're not bothered about it. I know everyone is different.

Rose said...

The plum pie is pretty, I love the color. Your boca burger plate looks enormously enticing...and pea shoots for dinner... yum!

xvavaveganx said...

Wow, bocalicious indeed! I like the word bocalicious :) That pie is gorgeous and sounds delicious! I actually had a similar experience at a farmer's market yesterday where I was told muffins were vegan but were made with honey.Clearly not as ridiculous as overlooking lard but I guess it is just another reminder to always read labels :) Looks like you did well anyway!

Anonymous said...

Never tried plum pie but it looks pretty!!!!

Carissa said...

Totally bocalicious! I saw some pea sprouts at our farmers market yesterday too, but sadly I cannot eat sprouts while pregnant :)

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Stacy, I was pretty unnerved by the appearance of the Carrots as well. Ate them all anyway to no ill effect. It's good old Goddess Dressing on the Shoots.

Molly, this was my first Plum Pie as well. I knew I'd love it in advance.

FF, okay, I know there's some sexual innuendo in that comment, but I'm not sure how to address it.

Ingrid, starting a little greenhouse perhaps?

Isotope, excellent call on the non-vegan sugar. I always forget about that. You get an A+

Rose, you haven't posted anything for three weeks. Don't you think it's about time?

VaVa, seriously, who uses lard anymore? It's sick!

CWM, I just took a peek at your blog. Looks colorful. I will investigate further.

Carissa, you're pregnant?! Congratulations!