Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday, October 9th

Lunch was a bunch of stuff off Wegman's Salad Bar with Fresh Gourmet Croutons and Goddess Dressing added to my own Red Leaf Lettuce when I got home. Make sense?
A bowl of mega spicy Black Bean Soup with a cooling dollop of Sour Supreme (thanks for the hint, Rose!) for dinner.
Followed by a Tofurky Roast Beef Sandwich, because no matter how satisfying dinner may be, I still must overeat.
Coming up next: Stuff I eat on Monday!


foodfeud said...

The salad looks really good! How are you able to eat it off a plate, though? Whenever I eat salad off a plate, it slides all over the place and I make a huge mess and just get angry.

Molly said...

Tofurky has roast beef now?!? Mike would be very happy to find some of that.

Rose said...

The "stuff" from Wegmans made quite a stellar looking salad...clever time-saving tactic.

So, I gather the sour supreme cooled down the soup? Hope so, looks like a combo made for each other anyway.

I'm also intrigued by the idea of Tofurky beef...hmmm, I don't know whether is sounds good or too much. Do let us know how you like it.

Zoa said...

Yeah, I did the same thing yesterday with the sandwich after supper thing...made the mistake of taking home half a loaf of the most excellent Italian bread the first half of which had been part of a lunch for three. It was just so crispy on the outside, soft and squishy and excellent on the inside, and all that crispy softness would have been gone by the next day--what else can you do?

And black bean soup, oh yes, for any meal of the day.

blessedmama said...

I hardly think you overeat. Notice the half a cookie.

Anonymous said...

I'm convinced that goddess dressing makes everything better. Love it!

LittleHouseofVeggies said...

haha! You always make me laugh! Did you do the salad that way on purpose? Just to buy toppings? Was it a better deal that way? Soup looks awesome! I love spicy soup!

Jessica said...

Wow - I can't believe how much I've missed, including the day off work!

I think you're on to something. That salad dressing makes the salad bar too pricey ... I'll be that lady carrying my own. I guess it's easier when you bring it home.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

FF, just put the plate up to your mouth, open wide and push the food off the edge of the plate into your mouth with the fork.

Molly, yes, and I felt really weird buying the Tofurky Roast Beef. It was okay. I'm not in a position to judge.

Rose, the Sour Supreme definitely cooled off the spicy. The 'Roast Beef' was okay, I can't rave cuz I wasn't missing roast beef to begin with.

Zoa, there is nothing better than the type of bread you describe. Last time I had some of that, I put Olive Spread on it and went straight to Heaven.

Blessed Mama, my half a cookie was big enough to feed five hungry vegans!

Lacey, Goddess Dressing rules! I used to put it on everything, but have scaled back in the last year or so.

Morgan, I doubt I saved money buying the Lettuce separate from the toppings. Just wanted to have some Lettuce on hand for myself. It probably would've been super cheap to buy and make my own toppings. You can have that post idea.

Jessica, so there's life after Cincinnati! Can't wait to hear how you're settling in.

xvavaveganx said...

I could have sworn I commented on this post? My internet is a pain in the *ss. Anyway what I thought I said was I do that with a salad bar too where I'll add my own stuff at home. I LOVE black bean soup and I LOVE spice so that sounds like a winning recipe to me!

kimberly said...

i haven't had a nice big salad lately, that looks really great!