Monday, February 14, 2011

More Than A Regular Monday

Red Robin was as excellent again today as every other day before.
If you enjoyed the above pic of my lunch, below is where the photo magic happens (including the overturned trash bin upon which I rest my feet). Rose shared her work space, so I felt compelled to share mine:
Three things I love:
Mr SV & I celebrate all holidays the same: by over-indulging in food & drink. Tonights was Hazelnut Cranberry Field Roast En Croute with Road's End Organic Gravy and Roasted Asparagus.
TJ's Chocolate Covered Cherries for dessert.
We will return to our normal posting style tomorrow.


foodfeud said...

Shen, you were supposed to be in that cubicle, smiling and waving! What gives! Although I do love the fancy footrest.
Those cherries sound damn tempting... oy.

Rose said...

Ah, I love your's much cheerier than mine! I see your little monitor with the blogs...haha, good one, threw it back at me!

I have to say, the Red Robin does always look delish, and celebrating by over indulging in food and sounds good to me...that's what we do more often than not.

I bet the Field Roast en croute is yummy.

dirtyduck said...

lol FF, aby steps:)

hey i like your calendar!its and i havent eaten yet, we are aiming for before midnight

i cant see whats on your moniter..Rose must have super sight!

Carissa said...

I like all your animals on your desk :) I also used to do the trash can thing. Happy Valentines Day!

Dianne said...

oooh, champagne! Happy Valentine's Day!

amymylove said...

i wanna try that roast so bad! tofukey just doesn't hit the spot for me :/ i could make something more amazing than that on my own

Susan G said...

I love those dark cherries - and, the good news is that TJ's has taken the milk out of my favorite chocolate covered raspberry sticks!

Michelle said...

FF took the words right out of my

I used to have stuffed animals on my desk too, but I cleaned house one day. I still have a couple though.

cute pic with the pup in it! Looks like he/she was after that field roast. :o)

Jessica said...

Oh, the cube! So personal, and yet so generic. I'm almost tempted to share my own.

The feast looks good - field roast and asparagus sounds amazing, and yes special.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

I had a co-worker take some test pics today in my cube, but I didn't find them blog worthy. Be cool, My Babies, be cool!

Looking forward to seeing everyone's V'Day celebrations (and catching up on leaving comments).

Jenny said...

Fun! Thanks for sharing. Too bad I don't have a cube picture to share. I'd have to share a picture of my bed, my preferred place to eat, sit, sleep, compute, etc.